Dream of: 12 September 1997 "I'm A Witch"

Twilight. Outside a lonely gas station, standing in the lot, watching several men talking to each other. They break up and head for their cars. Not wanting to be left here alone, I walked toward one of the cars and addressed the fellow getting in, a fellow (probably in his early 30s). Asked him if he could give me a ride. He seemed concerned about me and said he didn't want to leave me here alone. I told him that I didn't care where he was going, that I only wanted to do one thing tonight: party. Tonight I was in the mood for some fun.

He invited me to come with him; but just as I was about to get in, I hesitated. There were more than the customary two seats inside, and in addition to the driver, five or six other men were sitting in the seats. But what bothered me was that three young boys were also inside the car, all three sitting in one seat, next to each other. I asked one boy how old he was and he said he was ten. I had misgivings, but I got in anyway.

In my seat, I was sitting right in front of the three boys, facing them, staring at them, wondering why they were in the car. I almost never associated with young children like this. It seemed I had developed the sense that society considered it suspicious for an adult to be hanging around with children. Especially if I were out partying – like tonight. What if the police were to pull us over? What reason could we give for the boys' being with us? I thought we would be able to offer some explanation, but I still felt uneasy. And in a way, that seemed a shame, that society had such rigid rules, that an adult couldn't even associate with children without fear of repercussions.

When the other men and the boys began talking, I heard them say that this was a special day of the month. It seemed that once a month, certain men in this group acquired some special powers. The way they were talking made me think of werewolves. Reflecting, I was rather bemused by their chatter.

We finally arrived at a house, stopped and went inside. Some women, who apparently were wives of some of the men, were waiting there. As the men and boys had walked inside, their conversation had continued in the same vein as before. But now some of the men were actually beginning to undergo the change about which they were speaking, and they were taking on vague wolf-like characteristics. But the metamorphosis was so slight, I found the transformation quite trivial.

Once we were inside, I had more important matters to occupy my attention: I found one of the wives to be quite tantalizing, and I kept my eye on her. However, because she was married, I had no intention of actually acting on my feeling toward her. Unfortunately, however, the woman's husband (one of the men undergoing the wolf-like change) sensed my attention, and he didn't realize that I meant no harm. As he shambled toward me, I saw that he was going to challenge me. Unhesitatingly, I held out both my hands in front of me, and allowed a surge of power pass through me. Ineffable power. Invisible but palpable. The man was completely transformed by my blast. Now he was crouched down on all fours, glowing white, no sign of clothes, bald head, like an animal, like an electrified animal all drawn up into itself.

I turned to the other men in the room and likewise zapped them, holding my hands out in front of me, letting the invigorating power flow through me, striking them all. No boys were now in the room, only the men. When all the men had been hit by my power, were crouching white shadows, I turned to the woman and announced, "I'm a witch."

Now they all realized who I truly was, and they knew my force completely dwarfed the paltry powers of all the other men. They were all mere novices, whereas I was in my full powers. Nevertheless one man again tried to raise himself from his crouching position and turned on me. He was obviously stronger than the others. But again I held out my arms toward him, allowed the power to flow, and I easily drove him back.

The use of the power was extremely pleasurable. And all the women were duly impressed. I also was quite pleased with my display. Yet I felt somewhat unsure. I couldn't seem to remember whether I had always had this power, or whether this was something new. It had come to me so naturally, it was as if I had always been so endowed. Yet I was uncertain. And did the power always reside with me? Or did it only come once a month, as with the others?

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