Dream of: 11 September 1997 "Bodies In The Basement"

In a cottage in the country, another fellow and I walked into the bedroom and sat on the bed. We had decided to have a contest to determine who had the best marijuana. He pulled out a huge baggie which contained 17 ounces of marijuana, and in the process, he spilled a little powder on the bed. I in turn had 18 ounces. We planned to show our marijuana to a third person who would be the judge. I thought I should beat this fellow because my marijuana was better and I had more.

However, another fellow was also going to be in the contest; his name was Jimmie and he was locked in the basement. I didn't want to let him out of the basement because he had several pounds of marijuana and would obviously win the contest. Plus, I was very concerned because several dead bodies were in the basement – maybe as many as a dozen.

Even though I feared Jimmie would win the contest, I finally decided to let him out of the basement. The other fellow and I walked out on the back porch where I had left open the trap door to the basement. I hollered down to the basement, but no one answered. I thought Jimmie would surely come up if he were down there. I looked around into the surrounding woods and told the other fellow that if Jimmie had escaped, the police would probably soon be there; that would be bad. Explaining all the dead bodies in the basement would be difficult; and the drugs. Maybe we should simply leave and try to get away before the police came.

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