Dream of: 10 September 1997 "Too Many Puppies"

At the Gallia County fairgrounds, in southeastern Ohio, early in the morning. In the different animal barns, different groups of animals had been brought together and had been shown to the public for several days. I hadn't quite understood the purpose of the display. However I knew the display had ended the day before, and I had now come to see what was going to happen to all the animals. I suspected that this part of the enterprise hadn't been well-considered and that no adequate plan had been developed for taking care of the animals.

One group of animals seemed to be ostriches, but the group which most interested me consisted of puppies, perhaps 1,000 Dalmatians. Just as I arrived, some of the puppies were coming out the door of one of the barns. I saw no one in charge of watching where they went, and they simply bounded along between the buildings. It looked as if my suspicions were correct: that no one had adequately planned for the release of the puppies, ant that the puppies were simply going to be turned loose to wander around wild.

All the puppies were pretty, although their markings weren't the best. I had the feeling that the prettiest puppies had been taken. That apparently had been part of the reason for the gathering of the animals: to find homes for as many of the animals as possible. Bit now there was no plan for the rest. Some of these puppies had large patches of black which made them less desirable. As they rambled past me, I even noticed one puppy which was all black except for a small barely visible bit of white on it back.

Finally I did see one other fellow walk up and stand by the door, watching the puppies come out. He had a large camera and I thought I he must be a photographer. I was glad to see him; maybe he could record what was happening. Gradually more people showed up and stood by the door as the puppies came out. One fellow even impolitely elbowed me to the side. I moved around to the other side of him, then at an opportune moment I grabbed him by the arms and told him how sorry I was for getting in his way. I said it derisively, then I let him go and he went back to looking at the puppies.

I spoke with another fellow about the puppies and my concern for them. I told him the puppies looked adorable now, but I knew from experience (because I had two Dalmatians myself) that they required much attention and work. I knew most people wouldn't be able to provide the kind of attention they needed and that therefore, this whole idea of showing the puppies hadn't been a good one. But I still had no idea about what should be done with so many puppies.

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