Dream of: 07 September 1997 "New Porch"

I heard a noise, looked out the front door of my Summerdale Drive House, and was startled to see a bulldozer plowing up dirt right in front of the House. Then I remembered that I had been expecting someone to come and replace or build a whole new front porch.

The brick mailbox was no longer sitting at the end of the front walk-way. In its place was a small square slab of freshly-laid concrete, obviously the foundation for a new mail-box. The absent mail-box somewhat surprised me, because although I had been intending to replace the old mail box, and I had even been studying a small brochure showing designs of brick mailboxes, I hadn't actually contracted yet to have the work done. Perhaps my father had arranged it. My father was temporarily living with me in my House; it was possible that he himself had decided to have the mailbox replaced.

After waiting until later in the day, I finally walked outside, about half-way down the front walkway. When I turned and looked back at the House, I was amazed to see that the new front porch had already been completed. Its design was far superior to anything I would have hoped for. The floor, roof and railings were all constructed of fresh light-colored wood; but it was the detail which was so fascinating. The structure was covered with dozens of forms of intricately-carved animals. It all somewhat resembled an elaborate altar which might be found in an European cathedral – far beyond what I had anticipated.

A crew of several people were adding finishing touches to the structure. They seemed to be a family, with a father, mother and several adult children. One of them asked me if I would like to have the porch painted. They had already painted white two cabinets which had been hanging on the wall of the house, now inside the new porch, but I was too dazzled with the whole structure to be able to make a decision about painting it.

We finally reached the subject of payment. The woman pulled out a bill for $900. I was unsure, but that sounded incredibly cheap. I didn't see how it was possible, but I was in such a state of disbelief anyway, I didn't say anything about the price, except to ask her if she would take a credit card. After she told me she didn't accept credit cards, I asked her to wait a moment while I went inside to get a check. I then headed across the porch back into the House to retrieve a check.

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