Dream of: 05 September 1997 (2) "Walking To The Farm"

I had arrived at the House in Patriot. My grandmother Leacy, my grandfather Liston and my brother Chris were here. It seemed to be summer and I was planning to stay for a while. However, I was still in school and with me I even had some school work which I was supposed to do. One school project involved working on a round piece of wood, grooving a ridge around the edge of the piece. I should have completed the task sooner; it was typical for me to finish my work late. At one time the teacher of my class hadn't accepted late projects, but then she had finally realized that just because I was handing in projects late, it didn't mean I wasn't learning, nor that my projects weren't of high quality. So she had started accepting late assignments and just deducting a certain amount for being late.

However, I didn't want to stay in Patriot and finish my assignment; I wanted to go to the Gallia County Farm. I didn't have that much to say to Leacy, Liston and Chris, although I hated to leave Chris. But my need to get to the Farm was the most important. However I didn't have a car. I figured it was roughly a 15 kilometer walk to the Farm. I had never walked it before, but I knew the way, and I was sure I could do it. I could imagine the different legs of the journey, the different roads over which I would be passing. It looked as if I should leave right away.

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