Dream of: 05 September 1997 "Buffalos"

I was with my mother, visiting a house which she was thinking of buying and moving into. This was the second house we had been to on this day. The house was a small one-story frame house with a rustic look. As we walked through the house, I saw a large picture window on the back wall of the living room. Looking outside through the window, both my mother and I saw some animals grazing in back yard. At first I thought they were deer, but then realized they were some other type of animal. I quickly acted. I picked up a pad of paper and a pencil and frantically began trying to draw the animals before they moved. As I drew, I finally realized the animals were buffaloes. But they were difficult to draw because they were moving around so much.

I had a definite reason for drawing the animals: I knew if I were able to draw one of the buffaloes, we would be able to have a life-sized statue made of the buffalo, based on the drawing. We could then put the statue in the back yard. For some reason that was very important to us. I drew as fast as I could and was finally able to come up with a rough sketch of one buffalo. By the time I had finished, the buffaloes had moved on.

I knew the next step was to call up the people who actually manufactured the statues. My mother picked up a phone in the room, got a man on the line and handed the phone to me. I began talking to him, but he quickly stopped me. He had a device on his phone which allowed him to tell where we were, and he said that I was out of the area where they made statues. He seemed unwilling to even discuss the matter further, so I finally hung up. I thought there might be somebody else who would make the statues in this area.

But first I wanted to walk outside to get a better look of the area. I walked out a back door, onto a porch which ran all across the back. But what I found surprised me. I now saw that the buffalo had been standing on a green levy which extended from beside the house out into the distance. Except for the levy, the rest of the back yard wasn't a yard at all, but water. In fact the back part of the house was situated on tall piles which extended down into the water. Walking along the back porch and surveying the situation more carefully, I saw that the front part of the house was built on the side of a hill, but that the back portion extended out over the lake or reservoir. It was quite a spectacular view. We were high enough up on the hill so that I could see for kilometers, past the lake into the hilly distance. The vista was immensely pleasant. However I was unsure about living in a house partially built over a body of water. What if the piles would give away, or the wood rot? It seemed extremely precarious, and I was beginning to have serious doubts, even as spectacular as the view was, that this would be a good place for my mother to live.

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