Dream of: 31 August 1997 "Risk-Taker"

I was watching a troop of warriors tramp through a forest. They looked almost mythological, like something out of pre-history, dressed in animal skins and wearing metal helmets. In particular I identified with a mature female warrior, and at times viewed the scene from her perspective, as if I were she.

As the warriors reached a ridge in the woods, the female warrior began talking with a stout broad-shouldered black-haired companion -- one of her fellow warriors -- about a pact she wanted to make. She and the man had decided they should no longer eat meat, and now they held out their hands to each other to seal the pact. The woman was sure by giving up meat, she would increase her powers. Suddenly, however, she remembered an important ceremony in which all warriors were supposed to participate; eating some meat was a central part of the ceremony and she might be ostracized if she didn't eat meat at the ceremony. She immediately decided that come what may, she had made the pact, and she wouldn't eat any more meat, even at the ceremony.

The band of warriors had moved downhill, reaching a small stream. It was necessary for the warriors to wade into the stream and begin walking along in the water. Suddenly, once all the warriors were in the stream, a group of enemy warriors rose up out of the water and attacked. There was no contest: clearly the enemy warriors would defeat the woman warrior and her companions. However the woman warrior realized there was still hope of escape. With her, the woman was carrying a cloth sack, about the size of a pillowcase. In the sack was an assortment of 20-30 objects, and each object, in the hands of the woman, had mystical power. If the woman would hold a particular object in her hand, the mystical power could be used.

The woman rummaged in her sack until she found what she wanted: a model of an old sail-ship, like something from the Middle Ages, about 15 centimeters long. The woman pulled the boat from the sack, and concentrated deeply on what she wanted. Instantly everything was changed. A full- scale boat, perhaps 20 meters long, was produced, sitting on the water; and the woman and all her friends were on board.


Even though the woman and her companions had escaped to the boat, they had ultimately been captured. Now – in captivity – she was trying to figure out a way to escape. At the moment she and one of her companions were sitting on commodes in two bathroom stalls. The doors to the stalls were shut, and from outside the stalls, only the woman's feet and the feet of her companion could be seen under the stalls. The woman and her companion were unaware that at yet a third stall in the bathroom was sitting one of the woman's enemies, one of her captors. The woman talked openly to her companion in the neighboring stall about a plan of escape, not realizing that everything she was saying was being overheard by one of the enemy.

The woman still had her sack of magic objects with her, and she was discussing which object she would use to extricate herself and her friends from their present embarrassment. She talked at some length with her friend, through the walls of the stalls. When they finally finished talking and stepped from the stalls, the enemy warrior also came out. Now the woman realized everything she had said had been overheard, and she was uncertain she would now be able to put her plan into action, to use one of her magic objects. Her companion reassured her saying, "You take risks. That's what you do."

The woman realized that her companion was correct, and that she would indeed try to use one of her magic objects to free them.

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