Dream of: 22 August 1997 "Late Night Meal"

Late at night, I was in the kitchen, fixing something to eat. I had found a thin-cardboard box in the refrigerator, the kind of box that a pre-made cake might come in. However, I knew that in this box was a big piece of meat - steak - which I quickly pulled from the box. The brown meat was square, about 20 centimeters on each side, and about 10 centimeters high. I saw that a piece of the meat had already been sliced off one end, and I recalled that it was I who had previously eaten that particular piece.

After setting the meat down, I read on the box that this meat was supposed to be from the actual body of Christ. I found this almost impossible to believe. There were too many improbabilities. Christ had died almost two thousand years ago, and I did not see how the meat of his body could have been maintained fresh all that time. Besides that, it seemed that there would have been so little of the meat, I did not know how I could have ended up with it. Surely the meat would have been extremely expensive. I simply did not believe it. Still, I had to think there was at least a chance it was true.

It did not make that much difference because I was hungry, and I decided to go ahead and fix myself some of the meat. Using a knife, I cut off a piece about a centimeter thick from one end. I then laid the slice on the table while I turned on an electric cooking skillet which had about three centimeters of grease in it. When I looked back at my slice of meat, I saw that the side facing up was now covered with a thick, rubiginous sauce which appeared to be oozing up out of the steak. I picked up the slice and placed it in the electric skillet.

The kitchen seemed like the kitchen of the Gallia County Farmhouse. I could look through the wide door to the living room, and beyond that I could see the door to the bedroom, which was open. The light in the bedroom was off, and I thought my wife Carolina had already gone to bed in there  - or at least she had gone ahead and turned off the light to go to sleep. Thus I was surprised when I looked around and saw that Carolina had walked into the kitchen. She seemed upset because I was up so late. She looked at the steak as if she were going to complain about the way I was fixing it, but then she seemed to realize that I was cooking it properly, and she did not say anything.

I felt embarrassed about cooking a steak. It seemed that I was eating much more meat lately than I should. I did not even like the idea of eating meat and I tended to think of myself as a vegetarian. I wished I could give up the meat, but here I was, doing it again.

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