Dream of: 21 August 1997 "Cat Food"

I was in a grocery store with my mother (probably in her late 30s). She was already in line at the checkout counter, but I was still picking up some things. I had a coupon for four small cans of cat food. I finally found the cat food at the bottom of a wire-basket shelf. I didn't have a cat, but I could give the cat food to my pet Dalmatian Chaucer and my pet Dalmatian Picasso. I bent over to check out the different flavors, and ended up picking out four different flavors. One was an oriental flavor and one was shrimp. I was surprised to see the shrimp, not having ever purchased anything with shrimp for my dogs. How did someone determine what shrimp should go in animal food and what shrimp should be used for humans? The shrimp in animal food must be particularly small. I reckoned that by allotting the smaller pieces of shrimp to animal food, every little particle of the shrimp catch could be used.

As I straightened back up and walked down the aisle toward the checkout, I thought about how with today's technology almost everything could be used in one way or another and practically nothing was left unused. It looked as if the day were coming when I wouldn't even have garbage anymore. Already I could probably fold up milk containers to put in the paper recycling box on garbage day if I wanted. Some day everything would be recycled.

Instead of pushing a basket, I was carrying a big old metal wash tub. Besides the cat food, I had places a few items for my mother inside the tub. When I reached the counter, somebody else was already waiting behind my mother, but my mother said that I was with her, so I walked up to where she was. I set the tub down and I laid the things for my mother on the counter with her other items. But I didn't put the cat food there. Instead, I had to go back to the end of the counter to use my coupon to pay for the cat food. The coupon was special deal and I couldn't go through the regular checkout with it.

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