Dream of: 20 August 1997 "Tattoos"

I had just arrived on the Gallia County Farm and was in the living room of the Farmhouse. My sister and my brother Chris (both 15-16 years old) were both there. I walked over to the large mirror on the door to the upstairs and stood in front of it. Recalling that I had recently had several tattoos put on my chest, I opened my button-down shirt and examined the tattoos – five or six of them.

I was sure if my sister saw the tattoos she would be appalled to think I had done such a thing. So I turned around and walked over to her. Just as I had expected, she grimaced in shock. Obviously thoroughly disgusted, she couldn't believe her eyes. I told her that at first I hadn't liked the tattoos myself, but that I had become used to them and now l liked them. I told her I even planned to get some more.

The arrangement of the tattoos made them look asymmetrical; I needed yet another tattoo in one spot to make them look symmetrical. One tattoo in particular looked out of place. It was a side view of a black and white Holstein cow. I was unsure why I had even selected that particular tattoo since I didn't particularly like it.

I also pointed out to my sister some small tattoos on my head. At present I was sporting a burr haircut so my scalp could be easily seen. I myself had forgotten what the tattoos on my head looked like. I walked back over to the mirror. The tattoos of my head were of small arrows, all pointing to a little sore almost on the top of my head, like the four arrows of the compass all coming to this sore. Again, this set of tattoos seemed strange, but now that I had it, I would just have to live with it.

I hadn't shown the tattoos to Chris. I walked over to him (since with his muscular dystrophy he could not come to me), and showed him my tattoos. He didn't seem shocked the way my sister had; he even seemed interested. He animatedly began examining the large tattoo right in the middle of my chest. The tattoo showed 30-40 people standing together for a group portrait. I thought all the people were relatives of mine, but even I hadn't examined the tattoo closely. Chris quickly pointed out that one of my uncles wasn't there, but then Chris found the uncle on the tattoo. In fact it appeared that two group photos were tattooed on my chest and the uncle was in both of them. The uncle looked like an elderly bald man (perhaps in his 60s).

I walked back over to my sister. Next to my sister was sitting a girl (probably only 12-13 years old). My sister was talking about how she and the girl were going to take a walk to one of the back hills on the Farm. It seemed there was some kind of building way back there which they were going to visit. My sister said something about my going along, but I played as if I had been left out and as if no one had invited me. But my sister was clearly inviting me and I thought I would probably go. I was already feeling aroused by just being with the two girls, especially since my sister and I sometimes had sex together.

My sister began acting as if she were playing a little game; she reached over and touched the other girl right between the legs. The girl (wearing very short red shorts) said something to my sister about how she didn't want my sister to do that. I suggested that I could touch the girl instead of my sister. I had the feeling that the girl would let me touch her, that indeed she wanted me to touch her between the legs. I almost reached out my hand to do so; but I stopped. I had abruptly realized this girl was under age. I didn't even know who she was. What would happen if she would let me touch her between the legs, then later repent her action and report me to the authorities? I could be in extremely serious trouble. Besides that, now that I looked at the girl more closely, she wasn't even all that attractive. She had an overtly large nose and nothing in her face to particularly recommend her. I could hardly believe I had been on the verge of making such a ruinous mistake. Nevertheless, I couldn't deny that I did feel attracted to the girl.

Perhaps, instead of touching the girl, I would have sex with my sister. The three of us could go back to the building on the back hill, and the girl could watch as my sister and I had sex. But I immediately saw some problems with this plan. After all, there were laws against incest. I wasn't worried about my sister reporting the act to the authorities – we often had sex – but if the girl saw us, she might report us. That could be calamitous. Besides, simply being naked in front of the girl was also an offense and I could conceivably be brought up on charges for that. No, the more I thought about it, the surer I was that I couldn't be involved with any sexual activity around this girl.

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