Dream of: 16 August 1997 "New Car Financing"

Carolina and I were in the back warehouse/garage of a new car dealership. We were in the process of buying a new car for Carolina. The car she had picked was a small inexpensive model which only cost $10,000 or $11,000. We were at the point of picking out the color of the car. A man (probably in his 50s) was helping us. He had a short white beard and was dressed in workers' clothes. He had set out different plastic cups of paint on a table in front of us and he was busy working with the paint to select the right color which Carolina wanted. All of the cups contained different shades of a bluish/green paint. I asked him about the paint and he said that the paint in each cup was actually the same color, but each cup looked different because each cup was at different temperature. This fact amazed me. I thought each cup must have been kept in a different refrigerator and chilled to a certain temperature. It was hard to believe that the temperature would have had such a radical effect upon the paint.

Some pieces of cars, such as hoods and panels were sitting around the garage; but there were no actual cars. Noticing the colors on some other car pieces, I thought I would have preferred to have had a red car. I wondered what it would have been like to see all the shades of red and then to have picked out the red color the way Carolina was picking out the blue one. But Carolina had picked out the shade she wanted and the man was already writing up the contract.

Only when I saw the contract did I stop to think that we still needed to obtain bank financing for the car. I had enough money to pay for the car without going to the bank, but I needed to use my money for buying and selling stock; so I didn't want to use any of my money for the car. Thus it was necessary that we still talk to a bank about financing. For a moment I also considered the possibility that Carolina could use the money in her IRA to pay for the car. She had over $10,000 in her IRA account. But then I realized using Carolina's IRA money also wouldn't be a good idea, because we also used that money to buy and sell stock. Besides I didn't want her to take money out of the IRA until she retired. If she continued to put $2,000 into her IRA every year, in 20 more years she would have another $40,000. Of course with profits from the stock market and interest over that time the amount would grow exponentially. It was definitely important that she keep her IRA intact and not withdraw any money from it.

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