Dream of: 10 August 1997 "Sending Dreams To Peggy"

What should I do about Peggy? I had recently seen Peggy, and I had quickly become convinced that she was crazy about me, that she wanted to spend time with me. Even though she looked as if she were in her late 20s, I could tell she had never had a relationship with a man, apparently saving herself for me. I liked the idea of being with her. However, at the time when I had seen her, I had rebuffed her and left her dangling. I hadn't even told her whether I was going to see her again. But, now that I thought about it more, I did want to see her. I was just unsure in what way. Finally, the answer came to me. I would like to start sending my dreams to Peggy on a regular basis.

I hadn't posted my dreams on the Internet for over a month, but I was getting ready to commence sending them again. During the last month I had continued to write my dreams as always. However, the quality of the dreams seemed to be lacking. I now felt as if the quality were about to improve, and I would begin posting the dreams again. However, I could see my method of posting the dreams might change somewhat.

I had been sending my dreams to several women. Although I hadn't originally intended that this select group of women would be reading my dreams, my sending the dreams had simply evolved in that fashion. Now, adding Peggy to my list and making her a part of my little group made perfect sense. Even though she wanted to be with me, Peggy knew almost nothing about me. She had only a superficial knowledge of who I was. If she were to start reading my dreams, she would gain an acute knowledge of who I really was.

I was lying on my back in a bed, and I looked up and saw Peggy sitting in a wooden chair right there in the room with me. I looked at her and asked, "Do you still want to get to know me?"

She reacted immediately. She came to me and lay down right on top of me. She was wearing a flimsy gray print dress and I could see her gorgeous legs. She made it clear that she did want to get to know me and then she said, "You've got to do something, Steve. You're so used to taking women, very intelligent women, and changing them by centuries."

"That's true," I answered.

What she meant was that I needed to do something to change, that I was in the habit of not letting women know me but just of manipulating them. Then I began kissing her. She stuck her tongue as far as she could into my mouth. And then she acted as if she wanted to break away. But I wouldn't let her. She stopped trying to break off and began kissing me more passionately. I would let her break away if she really wanted to; but I knew she didn't really want to. I thought of slipping my hand under her dress; but that would be going too far for right now. So I just kissed her and held her tight.

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