Dream of: 06 August 1997 "Social Settings"

I was in a living room with several people who seemed so poor, they didn't have enough money to buy anything to eat. Although I knew I did have money (and even a credit card in my billfold), I wanted to play along as if I were as poor as they; so I walked over to an easy chair and began reaching down under the pillow looking for loose change. Finally, I even took off the pillow and reached down into the chair. I was able to pull out a few coins, mostly pennies; but I could feel other coins farther down which I couldn't get my hands on. Finally I turned the chair completely over, thinking I might be able to reach the coins from the bottom. The piece of cloth across the bottom of the chair had already been ripped open so I could stick my hand up into the innards of the chair, which I immediately did. Now I was able to feel the coins and get a grip on them. I began pulling them out one at a time, again mostly pennies, but also a quarter.

A woman (probably in her late 40s) was watching me. She wanted to go to a restaurant across the street and was impatient for me to hurry up. I knew the coins I was finding would be the only money I would have to use at the restaurant, so it was important that I find as much as I could. However, since it was beginning to feel as if I had found as many coins as possible for now, I turned the chair back onto its feet, and joined the woman walking out the front door.

Outside was a city street, on the other side of which stood the restaurant where we intended to go. The woman and I hastened across the street and entered the front door of the restaurant. I felt a little unsure of myself, not knowing if I would have enough money for a meal. Besides that, as we reached a small table and I saw several people already sitting at the table, I felt uncomfortable at the prospect of sitting down and conversing with anyone. I had been becoming more and more withdrawn lately, not wanting to interact with people in social settings. And now I was facing the ordeal of actually sitting at a small table with several people.

Nevertheless I took a seat, and as I was sitting down I looked to my right and realized the person on my right was the actor Jimmy Smits. I was familiar with Smits role on the television series "NYPD Blue" and I had always thought of him as a good actor; I might at least be able to hold a conversation with him. But all I could think of was something lame; I asked him how he was doing and how he liked his role on NYPD. He made a curt reply and returned to his food. I tried to think of something more intelligent to say, and finally asked him how the ratings of NYPD were doing. Again he made a short reply and returned to his food. There seemed no point in asking anything else. He seemed uninterested in talking, and I had run out of questions.

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