Dream of: 29 July 1997 "Inventing Superstitions"

I was in the field in the front of the Gallia County Farmhouse, down by the creek, when I noticed that a shadow had passed over me from something flying in the sky. That shadow was so large, I thought an airplane or jet must have flown over. But when I looked up into the sky, I saw a large bird flying. Focusing in on the awesome bird, I finally realized that it must be a large eagle, five or six feet long. Its wings weren't outspread, but were held close to the body, something like if a person had his arms pressed down against his side. I was truly amazed. I had never seen an eagle on the Farm and I wondered what kind it was. Its underbelly was white, and it appeared to have a gray back, although I couldn't see the top part well. I concluded it must be a bald eagle, although I wasn't completely sure. I had heard of brown eagles, and I thought it might be one of those. But whatever kind it was, I was glad to see it here. I had never seen any eagles on the Farm and this was a good indication that eagles might have moved in and were going to take up residence on the Farm.

I was anxious to tell someone of what I had seen. I also wanted to report the fact that the shadow had passed over me. I knew I had invented my own superstition about shadows, and I reflected about how easy it was to invent such a superstition. I had invented the idea that if a shadow of something flying in the air, such as a bird or an airplane, passed over me, that was a sign of good luck. How easy it was to invent such a superstition! But now here was also a sign that the superstition was true, for as soon as I had seen the shadow, I had experienced good luck with the discovery of an eagle on the Farm!

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