Dream of: 27 July 1997 (2) "Nature's Way"

I was in a car ridding along Highway 140 between Portsmouth and the Gallia County Farm in the direction of the Farm. I was in the front passenger seat and a thin man whom I barely knew was driving. As I looked at the passing scenery, I thought about how nice it was to be riding instead of driving for once; I could see so much more when I was a passenger.

We passed through the tiny town of South Webster. We passed a street off to our left which contained the old downtown. I pointed it out to the man, noting how the buildings were no longer used, or had been converted into small insignificant stores. I thought South Webster had once been much larger than it was now. At one time it had probably been in competition to become the county seat. But another town had been chosen and South Webster had gone into decline. I thought about how county seats were chosen, and how the most centrally located town in the county would probably make the best county seat. However that was clearly not the case in Gallia County. Gallipolis was located on the river on one side of the county. The location caused difficulty for people such as myself who lived on the far side of the county. To reach Gallipolis from the Farm, I had to drive 30 kilometers. People who lived closer, say 15 kilometers from the town, had a much easier time driving to town and back. Besides that, the farther one went from town, the more wild the land became. By the time one reached the Farm, the land was completely wild and overgrown.


I was on the Farm, standing with my father outside the Farmhouse. I was still thinking of how wild the Farm was and how the farms closer to town were more under control. I thought we could also bring the Farm under control if we would plant the right kind of plants such as pine trees. If the weeds and brush were cleared away, pine trees could be planted and the Farm could be brought under control.

My father appeared to have been thinking the same sort of thing. However, he wasn't thinking of planting pine trees, but some sort of flowers. He had already turned the area where we were standing into a sort of garden and had planted several rows of small yellow flowers which were just now starting to pop up to the surface. He explained that although he had been planting the flowers in rows, the seeds could actually just be thrown out anywhere and the flowers would grow. His idea was intriguing, although I was still skeptical it would work.

As I talked with my father, it occurred to me my life seemed to be turning out much differently than I had planned. I was actually thinking of settling down and living on the Farm. I knew part of the reason I was doing this was simply so I could be near my father and my mother in their old age. It was hard to believe I would actually want to be around them. I would have thought that by now I would be living in Europe. But the fact was that I didn't really want to abandon them. I was in a definite quandary.

My father and I walked over to a table which had been set up near us where my mother was preparing a meal. She had a big bowl of what appeared to be noodles with some meat mixed in. I mentioned to her that the only kind of meat I wanted was chicken, which I saw some of in the bowl. But she began strenuously maintaining that no chicken was available. Her protestations were so animated, it made me recall that she had been having other episodes of forgetfulness, and that we had begun to suspect she might be suffering from something like Alzheimer's. I was finally able to point out two chicken legs to her in the bowl, and she began to calm down and dish out the chicken for me.

I was beginning to recall I had a dream which I needed to write down. The dream seemed a reflection of what had just been happening to me, and I felt disturbed by it. I walked away from the others and began heading down a small path, trying to remember the dream and put it together in my mind so I could write it. At the same time, a song I had heard many times popped into my head, a song by the rock group, "Spirit." It went, "It's nature's way of telling you something's wrong. Its nature's way of telling you in a song." The song seemed completely apropos. I knew the dream had been telling me something was seriously amiss in my life. I had been having many dreams like this lately, and I just couldn't ignore the fact any longer.

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