Dream of: 23 July 1997 "Hiking Expedition"

I was in a room in a building which seemed to be a grocery store. It seemed as if I would be staying here in the room for a while, and I could eat whatever I wanted; so, I decided to fix myself a sandwich. I picked up a loaf of bread and extracted two slices. But the bread it was somewhat stale; so, I picked up a second fresher loaf. I decided to use the fresher loaf and throw the other loaf away. I wondered what happened to all the stale bread. Surely the bread company must pick it up and somehow dispose of it.

I was considering what I was going to be doing while I was staying in the place, which seemed in a mountainous area. The room in which I found myself seemed quite large with several distinct areas. Quite a few other people were roaming around the room. I thought I would be here a week. It suddenly occurred to me that while I was here I could go hiking in the mountains. I might even take someone else with me. A couple young boys in the room seemed to be orphans; I might take them for a hike in the mountains. This was completely out of character for me to think about doing something like that for some orphan boys, but it seemed like a good idea. I might even go so far as to buy some backpacking equipment for the boys. I began thinking of what we might take and how long we would be gone. We would probably stay in the mountains for a week. We might need to take some mosquito spray. I knew the Indians never used to use such things, but I didn't see a problem with taking advantage of modern technology.

Another boy (about 16 years old) walked into the room. He had been in the room earlier and had left. I might also ask him to go with us. Then there would be four of us. I pulled out a small map of the area; the map showed trails running for miles into the mountains. Obviously there was plenty of hiking area. As I was thinking about this, I lay down on my back on a bed. I noticed that there seemed to be some flurry in the room and suddenly George H. W. Bush (about 60 years old) walked in. He stepped up to a podium and gave a short speech. He was dressed in a suit and seemed thin and in excellent shape. He continually had a smile on his face and when he finished the speech he walked straight over to my bed and before going to anyone else he came to me. I stood up from the bed and shook his hand. I felt particularly distinguished that he had picked me. He seemed to have chosen be because I was somehow in charge of this room. I mentioned to him that I was planning to go hiking, but he didn't seem particularly interested. We exchanged a few pleasantries and then he continued on shaking other peoples hands until he finally left. But then he came back into the room and once again began shaking hands. He seemed a little uncertain of himself as if he was unsure what he should be doing; so, he just kept greeting people. He didn't come back to me again, and I returned to thinking of the hiking expedition.

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