Dream of: 18 July 1997 "Childhood Memories"

I had been dropped off in Patriot to investigate a story which I had recently heard. I had been told that that the Swivers (a family who used to live in Patriot) had had a black son whom they had relinquished. The black son had been the son of Mrs. Swiver and a black man. I had also been told that I was actually a son of the Swivers' and that I had been given up for adoption. That would mean that I would be the half-brother of the black son. I found the idea of being related to a black person both alarming and refreshing.

Only now that I was standing in front of the Swiver house did I realize that I was without a car and I didn't know how I would leave here. I walked up to the side door of the Swiver house and knocked. Someone came to the door and opened it. I could see into the kitchen; an entire family (not the Swivers) was inside. I asked if the Swivers still lived here and was immediately told that the Swivers had moved. Disappointed, I asked if anyone knew where the Swivers now lived. No one knew. However just as I was about to leave, someone mentioned that they thought one of the Swiver children had moved to the house across the street: the House in Patriot. I also seemed to recall that the one of the Swivers had moved into the House in Patriot. Determined to continue my search, I turned and headed across the street.

I walked up to the front door of the House in Patriot and knocked. Someone immediately came to the door and invited me inside. Stepping into the living room, I was immediately overwhelmed by feelings. I hadn't been in this House since my childhood, and I was flooded with memories of how I used to play in these very rooms.

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