Dream of: 12 July 1997 "Charades"

While I was sitting in a room on a college campus, five or six college-aged girls took seats around me. We did not know each other; they seemed to just be walking by and had stopped to sit down. I did not speak to any of them because I was engaged in an experiment: I was trying to communicate with people without actually talking to them.

Measuredly, I began making some movements, trying to convey messages; slowly the girls began to understand what I was trying to say and I gradually picked up the pace at which I was trying to communicate somewhat like charades. Mostly I was trying to improve my acting skills. It seemed that all of us were studying acting and that this was a good way to hone our technique. However, the girls seemed a bit impatient because so little actual communication was taking place. Finally, indicating that they had to leave, they all stood up.

Obviously I now needed to break my silence; I needed to speak. I also stood up and simply asked them if they were ready to leave. They all looked thunder-struck when they heard my voice. They stood still (I could tell they wanted to hear more), then they all sat back down. Remaining standing, I began talking a little about what we had been doing, trying to explain the concept. I said I had had a lot of experience doing this same sort of thing with writing (it seemed I was also involved in communicating somehow like this with writing); but then I corrected myself and I said that I hadn't had a lot of experience only some experience.

As I talked, I happened to glance out a window. Startled by what I saw, I exclaimed, "Wow! What is that?"

I had thought I had seen a large black funnel cloud in the distance, but then the cloud seemed to disappear. The cloud was partially blocked by buildings and hills (we were in a hilly area), then the funnel cloud appeared again. I could only see the cloud in flashes, as if lightening would illuminate the sky and make the cloud visible. Clearly we all needed to seek shelter; I turned back to the others and asked if they knew where we could find a basement. To my surprise, all but one or two of the girls had already run out of the room. The last one or two girls and I then also ran out. As we raced down a hall, I realized the building had no basement. We ran out a back door. I was not wearing shoes. Some shoes were sitting by the door, but I didn't stop to put any on. It looked as if some of the other girls had also left their shoes there.

Running ahead of me were the first three or four girls who had run out. Hundreds of other students were also running for shelter. Sirens were blaring the funnel cloud was moving closer. How fortunate that I had just happened to look out the window when the funnel cloud had been approaching. Still, I did not know where to go. Did any of the surrounding buildings have basements?

To my right flowed a small stream about two feet wide walled up on both sides with white stone. Maybe I could lie down in the stream between the walls. No, I would prefer a basement. Finally, to my left sitting on the side of the hill rose a large two-story frame house. A second, smaller funnel cloud suddenly appeared in the distance. The first funnel cloud the larger one was now only a couple hundred yards from me. Feeling the need to act fast, I hurried toward the house. I had to climb up some difficult stairs; when I had almost reached the house, two small boys were trying to get in the front door; but the door was locked. As soon as I reached the house I would break out the window in the door and force my way in; if I could still not get the door open, I would break out a window in the house. It was legal to break into a house in an emergency like this. I just hoped I made it in time; the funnel was bearing down on me.

Commentary of 02 March 2017

A "thing" in a dream is different from a person inasmuch as it is possible that a person is actually mutually sharing the dream with the dreamer and a thing does not have a living soul. A thing can be the actual thing or the thing can be a symbol for something else. Two immediate questsions pop to mind when I think of symbols: 1. where do they come from and, 2. what do they mean?

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