Dream of: 10 July 1997 "Nazi Prison"

I was watching a scene in the central headquarters (which appeared to be a bunker) of the Nazis in the last days of World War II. Hitler, dressed in his military uniform complete with hat, was giving orders, when suddenly something strange began to happen. One of Hitler's subordinates suddenly commanded Hitler to stand against a wall. Within seconds it became clear that a mutiny was in progress and that almost all the soldiers in the bunker were taking part in the mutiny. Only two other soldiers were commanded to stand with Hitler. Those two were apparently the only ones still faithful to Hitler who hadn't participated in the mutiny. From one side of the room a large number of soldiers, perhaps 50, who had been hiding suddenly rose up and with guns and bazookas in hands stepped toward and lined up in front of Hitler facing him, and pointing their weapons at him. It was a poignant moment. Clearly Hitler and his two compadres were going to be executed. I wondered what must be passing through Hitler's mind in those last seconds as he waited to die. The wall behind Hitler actually looked like a huge tree, perhaps five meters in diameter. It looked as if when the room had been built, the tree had simply been incorporated into the room. Suddenly the firing squad opened fire. The blast was so intense that not only were Hitler and the other two blown to pieces, but a hole was blasted right through the tree.


I was watching a scene in a German Nazi prison. I was looking at a man locked up alone in a small cell. I identified with the man and at times I even seemed to be him. He was probably in his late 50s and had long white hair and a long white beard. I had the feeling that he had been locked up for quite a while, but that now he was about to break free.

On his door was hanging a large brown rusty lock which held him in. However, someone had helped the man discover how to break the lock. The prisoner laid his hand on the lock, and with a few deft movements, was able to extract a small bronze button-like device from the top of the lock. On the bottom of the button, inside the lock, were two slender pieces of metal, each about three centimeters long, which somewhat resembled the ends of an eyebrow tweezers. By pushing these tow pieces together, the man was able to pull the entire button-like device out of the lock, thereby causing the lock to open.

The man was now ready to make his escape. He had been told that when he departed, he should leave the lock and the bronze button-like device behind so that the commandant of the prison would know how he escaped. But now as he held the device in his hand, he decided he would like to take it with him. The button-like device was rather pretty and seemed to have some kind of engraving on it. But beyond the beauty of the device, the prisoner thought he would like to take it so the commandant would be unable to understand how the escape had been made.


Turmoil had seized the prison. It was known that Hitler had been killed and the Nazis were abandoning the prison. However the Nazis weren't turning the prisoners loose, but simply planning to leave them in their cells. The head of the prison, an ostentatious man (in his 50s) all dressed in his Nazi uniform, was walking through one of the corridors of the prison. He passed by some of the people who had been working for him in the prison. It also seemed as if some of the people who had worked there were scientists. The commandant was just going to abandon them all, not even telling them that he was leaving. All he cared about was himself.

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