Dream of: 08 July 1997 "Terrible Predicament"

I was on a downtown street, brushing my teeth as I strolled along. I wanted to spit some toothpaste out of my mouth, but I thought I should exercise at least some dignity and not spit on the street, even though no one was around at the moment to see me. I headed for a building which I knew harbored a sink which I could use. It seemed odd having to look for someplace where I could use a sink. It almost seemed as if I were homeless, even though I was well dressed.

I finally decided I might just bend over and spit in the sewer. Just as I was about to do so, I heard Roger Anderson's voice, telling me I simply wouldn't believe what was in those sewers. I began having a vision of sewer water flowing past, filled with debris, a scummy rat tail in its midst. Must be what hell is like. Hell: a definite possibility for me. I knew I had led a sinful life, and gradually I had come to accept that I would end up going to someplace like the open sewer when I died. In a way, this acceptance was a relief. I told Roger I had lost all hope of anything else. I was glad the hope was gone, because the hope was painful.

I kept walking until I found some steps to sit down on just inside a recessed area off the sidewalk. Roger suddenly became agitated and said that he had just seen Birdie's husband, Rick, walking down the street toward us. I stood up just as Rick and two or three other fellows walked up to me. I thought about how I had gone out with Birdie while she had been married to Rick. Rick immediately told me he wanted a fight to settle matters between us. He asked me if I wanted to have the fight the following Friday. I told him that would be fine. I thought I could win in a fight. He was tall and lanky. Brown hair. However, I actually had no intention of fighting. I just wanted to get away.

Roger and I began walking away, Roger in one direction and I in the other. I saw that one fellow with Rick had pulled out a small revolver. That bothered me. No one else was around. Two of them began walking with me, one on each side. One fellow then stopped and began threatening to hit me. I said, "You assault me, you're going to jail for a long time."

I thought he might know I was a lawyer and he might be afraid I would know a judge, but I knew it wasn't going to work. He pulled out a gun and began checking it. Clearly he was serious. I began running and ran into the first fellow with a gun. I knocked him down and his gun fell from his hand. I fell down and grabbed the gun. The second fellow ran up and jumped on me. He pointed his gun at my head and I pointed my gun at his head, but my gun appeared to be broken. I was in a terrible predicament and I saw no way out.

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