Dream of: 04 July 1997 "Dead People"

I (and it seemed as if someone else were with me) went to a place where people who had died had gone. Even though the people had died in the normal world, in this place they were still alive. They would only be here for a short time before once again returning to the living world.

I had already been here once before. At that time I had seen only perhaps a half dozen people. On that occasion, I hadn't realized I would return to the normal world (thus my experience here had been rather frightening); but this time I knew I would only be here for a short while before returning to the normal world.

This time I found myself on a street in what appeared to be a small village. At first I didn't see anyone; but finally I spotted a pickup truck on the street coming toward me. A man wearing a cowboy hat was driving the truck. I could not see him well, but I had the impression he was a strong thin man (probably in his 40s). As he drove toward me, I thought he would stop and I would be able to tell him about this place; I would explain to him that he would soon return to the living world. But he didn't stop; he drove right past me. Perhaps he wasn't one of those who would return to the living world, but some other type of being. Perhaps he already knew all about this place.

His rapid exit alarmed me. Would anyone else show up? Was it possible that I could be stuck here alone in this world? Maybe it always happened the same as with the man in the truck people quickly showed up and then quickly disappeared.

I continued down the road until I saw two women wearing dresses walking toward me. I was so happy to see someone, I quickly headed toward the women. I was moving very fast, as if I were in a vehicle but I wasn't in a vehicle. As I approached the women, I looked them over; perhaps I could have sex with them. Having sex with the women seemed like a rather strange idea in this weird place; but it might be possible. However, when I was close enough to see them more clearly, I wasn't interested in having sex. Both women were probably in their late twenties and both were quite homely, like country folk. One woman was slightly overweight and had reddish curly hair. Now I simply wanted to talk to them about what was going on.

When I reached the women, I stopped and greeted them. I felt as if I were very informed, that I knew a lot about what was going on and I would share my knowledge with them. They seemed friendly and wanted to hear what I had to say. But they didn't seem very inquisitive. It seemed as if they weren't even aware that something strange was going on or that they were in another world. I began focusing on the one who didn't have the reddish curly hair; I began to notice something a little strange about her. At first it seemed as if she had black hair; but then it began to seem as if she had lost most of her hair and was almost bald. She began to seem rather emaciated; it suddenly occurred to me that she probably had AIDS. I didn't know the significance of her possibly having AIDS; perhaps she actually was going to die soon and her trip here was somewhat of a prelude of things to come. The situation was rather delicate because I didn't know exactly how to go about explaining to her where she was; if she had AIDS, I would be telling her that she would probably die soon.

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