Dream of: 30 June 1997 "The Additives"

I was in Paris, standing in a line; several people were ahead of me, waiting to enter a combination hotel/movie theater. I had already stayed here once before. A woman whom I had met the last time I had been in Paris was letting the people in; she was an attractive thin woman (about 25 years old). When I reached her, I greeted her effusively; I wanted to be as friendly as possible in hopes that she would be friendly toward me, especially since I knew most Parisians were unfriendly and snobby. As we talked, I said, "I love this city more than any place in the world."

I also intimated that I might like to go out with her; she indicated she would be unable to. I then mentioned that Carolina would be joining me later. The woman's attitude immediately turned colder. She saw that I had only been acting friendly and that I didn't really want to have anything to do with her.

All the people had some little trinkets which the woman looked at and even polished and cleaned before letting the people enter. I also had my trinkets little statuettes and pieces of jewelry, perhaps 30-40 of them, more than anyone else which I had set on a table. I had either bought or was in the process of buying the trinkets this very day. I told the woman if she saw anything valuable to let me know. I hadn't paid much for the trinkets and I didn't know their value; but I thought I might have bought something valuable by mistake; I hoped so anyway.

As the woman looked at the trinkets, other people behind me became exasperated because I had so many trinkets. I finally stepped over to the side to buy some refreshments. I purchased several cups of coffee and several sodas in cups. I then stepped back to the woman who was still working.

Maybe Carolina and I would go to a movie later in the evening. I picked up the movie section of a paper and began looking at it. Several movies which I had already seen were playing. The only one I saw that I thought we might like was called The Additives. We would probably go to it.

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