Dream of: 29 June 1997 (2) "Starting To Get Scared"

A tall attractive black-haired woman (around 30 years old, she resembled Terra Perry, a Dallas acquaintance) was riding in a car with another fellow and me. We had been headed for someplace in particular, but we made a detour to go to a place where I was living with my wife, Louise. When we arrived at the small two-room apartment where Louise and I were living, the black-haired woman, the other fellow and I walked into the living room. I was having second thoughts about coming here because Louise was in the bedroom. She would normally be at work at this time of the day, but she had stayed home today because she hadn't been feeling well.

Almost as soon as we arrived, Louise walked into the living room and began complaining about our being there. She walked back into the bedroom and got into the bed. The three of us followed her and all three of us sat down on the bed. I began talking to Louise. Since Louise and I had been thinking of getting a divorce, she began making threatening comments about how she was going to use the fact that I was out with the black-haired woman in the divorce proceeding. Louise threatened that she would try to take all my property.

As we talked, I realized the fellow with me was Nunley (a former junior high schoolmate). I dimly recalled that Louise had once dated Nunley before she had known me, but that memory was vague. I was surprised the memory even came back to me.

I introduced Louise to the black-haired woman. I had hoped Louise might be friendly, but she wasn't. Obviously I was going to have to leave. But I didn't know where to go. I remembered that before the three of us had come here, we had been at my sister's house. But we had faced the same sort of problem there: my sister had been in bed and hadn't been feeling well. Now, however, we didn't have much choice except to return to my sister's house. I told the other two that we would have to leave.


It was now dark outside and I was riding in a car which the black-haired woman was driving. We appeared to be driving along Gallia Street in Portsmouth, near the city library. I knew the woman worked in a bank or financial institute, and I told her I was going to tell her something about myself that I hadn't told anyone. But then I changed my mind and I said I wasn't going to tell her. She told me to go ahead and tell her; I started telling her that I had obtained an extraordinary number of credit cards. She immediately appeared to know what I was talking about and indicated that she also had many credit cards. She asked me if I had gone out and searched for the cards on my own. I told her no, that I had simply received credit card applications in the mail; I had only obtained one credit card on my own. She mentioned that different classes of people received cards; she said she thought she was probably only in the third class. I told her I must have been in the first class to have received so many credit cards, but that I wasn't receiving the applications anymore, probably because I already had so many credit cards. I didn't know whether I should tell her I had over 50 credit cards.

The woman wasn't driving well; she appeared to be sick. I told her to pull over; but then I noticed four black teenage boys standing along the side of the street. They were wearing black jackets with yellow writing. The jackets appeared to be school jackets. I told her not to pull over by the teenagers since I was afraid they might attack us. She drove on a little farther, then pulled over. I stepped out of the car to go around to the driver's side; I thought she would get out to come around to the passenger side. Instead, she simply disappeared. It was so dark out, I could barely see. When I thought I saw a figure nearby, I walked toward it, but it wasn't her. Then I saw another shadow. I thought I heard the woman's voice up on the side of the wooded hill next to the road. I hollered out her name, "Susan! Susan!" I was starting to get scared.

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