Dream of: 29 June 1997 "Exhilarating But Frightening"

I was on a large jet plane with a new design being tried out for the first time. and Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were also on the plane. Bill himself had invited me on board. He had originally invited me on a flight several months ago, but that flight had been canceled, and I hadn't thought I would be invited again. Now, however, I understood the previous flight had only been scheduled to fool potential saboteurs. The real flight was taking place now, when no one (including saboteurs) had expected.

I couldn't see Clinton from where I was sitting, but I hoped I would at least get to speak to him for a minute at some point. I was quite honored that he would invite me on board. I could see the pilot only a short distance form me. He was a strong black man and somewhat resembled the actor Lou Gossett. He even spoke to me some as we flew along. Suddenly he said he was going to pick up speed and he began diving down toward the earth at an incredibly fast speed. It appeared this was the fastest a jet plane had ever flown. I was sitting next to a window and I could see outside that we were going at an incredible rate. Just as we reached the earth, the pilot leveled off the plane and began flying only a few meters from the surface. We were following the route of a highway, flying just over the tops of cars and trucks We continued racing along at an incredible rate. I had seen enough. The ride was exhilarating, but also terribly frightening. I was ready to get off.

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