Dream of: 27 June 1997 "President George Lucas"

I had arrived at a large indoor Texas stadium filled with people similar to the stadium in Irving, Texas. I parked my car right next the car of my Dallas attorney friend, Wheat. Wheat and his wife Melaie were in Wheat's car; I was supposed to meet them here. They got out and the three of us walked into the crowded stadium and sat down. Then I moved to another seat so I could see better.

The event was a celebration of the election of director George Lucas as president of the United States. I was happy he had been elected. He represented a new generation of presidents. Bill Clinton had been new, and I had been happy when Clinton had been elected; but Lucas was even better. I could see Lucas sitting down below; he seemed to be enjoying himself. What had he thought when he had first heard he was going to be president? He must be a very strong man. I thought he lived off in the woods by himself. It was interesting he had come to Texas, especially since he had actually lost in Texas. I closed my eyes and wondered what it would be like to have all that power; it was simply incomprehensible for me.

Various rock and roll artists came on the stage. Four or five different rock and roll performers one at a time sang songs on the long stage; Elton John sang one song. As I listened, I noticed sitting next to my seat a cup-cake tray with some candy in it; I ate some. A tiny little beer bottle with maybe one drop of beer was also next to my seat; but I didn't drink any of the beer.

Wheat, Melanie and I would probably become separated when we left. Would they realize my car was parked next to theirs and wait for me? 

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