Dream of: 26 June 1997 (2) "Taped-Off Area"

I was sitting in a movie theater. A man sitting next to me on my left and his wife (seated on the other side of him) reminded me of my old neighbors Roy McClure and his wife, Marilyn McClure. In front of us was a desk top which extended along down the line of sets. The man was very possessive of his area of the desk top; he had even taken a little piece of tape and marked off his area so I wouldn't encroach on him in any way.

When the man stood up to leave for a few minutes, the wife moved into his seat and began talking with me. I was amazed at how nice she seemed. She was probably in her mid 40s – too old for me – but I found her extremely nice and friendly; I liked sitting next to her.

She noticed the tape on the desk top and asked me about it; I explained why it was there. She seemed repulsed that her husband would act that way, but she knew how he was. She seemed just the opposite. I was becoming quite attracted to her, even though she was thin and rather plain. I might even want to have an affair with her. Proposing an affair would certainly not be in character for me; but she was so nice and she made me feel so good I wanted to be with her more.

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