Dream of: 25 June 1997 "The Great Campbell"

Carolina was sitting right behind me in the rear of a courtroom on the left side from our viewpoint with seats arranged like a school classroom. I had come here to help another lawyer with a simple case in which he was trying to collect some money owed to his client. Even though no judge was present in the courtroom, the case began. Another person also here to collect money from the same person was ahead of us. The other person took the witness stand and said a few things. Since the attorney whom I was helping realized the person on the witness stand would have first claim to the money, the attorney simply gave up and left.

Another case began. A lawyer walked up and said, "This is peanuts."

Yet another case was about to begin. The next case appeared to be quite interesting; it was outlined in a large flat book, a copy of which was lying on a desk in front of me. On the front of the book were the words, "The Great Campbell" along with a picture of a can of Campbell's soup. I opened the book and began reading a scandalous story about how a fast-dealing entrepreneur had gone to college to learn how to make money. He subsequently became interested in the restaurant business. He met a Frenchman and together they decided to put together a fast food chain. Most people who invested in the chain had thought the Frenchman would be the cook; but he wasn't. The business had gone bust and many people had lost money.

I had intended to leave, but when the case finally began, I wanted to stay. The first witness took stand. The room was only about half full now. I thought when the judge came he would probably think I was involved in the case since it looked as if everyone left in the room was part of case.

As the first witness testified, I turned around and asked Carolina if she knew what the case was about. She didn't have the book; she said the case was about an attempted rape. I could understand how she could be confused since the case was obviously going to be long and complicated. She indicated she didn't want to stay longer. Her staying was pointless if she wanted to go; but, since I wanted to stay, I suggested she leave and I would meet her at a nice little restaurant on a corner across from the courthouse. I hadn't watched a court case in quite a while and I found this one quite intriguing.

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