Dream of: 15 June 1997 (2) "Kidnappers"

I was sitting in the living room of the House in Patriot. I was busy trying on some rings. One ring was copper and had a little black and white picture of the actor Audie Murphy on the top. The other ring was bronze and its top was a design of the advertising character Elsie the cow. As I tried on the rings, I noticed that they were a little tight on my fingers and if I kept them on a short while, it seemed as if my whole hand would go numb. I finally took them off and laid them in front of me.

I also had a very peculiar bracelet made of a dozen or so cards about the size of trading cards. Each card had on its front a picture of a scene from a western television series from the 1960's. Among them were "Have Gun Will Travel," "Wagon Train," and "Bonanza." On the back of the cards were little black and white pictures which apparently could be put together to tell some kind of story. Although the cards were rather large for a bracelet, they were supposed to be able to be pulled together so they could be worn around the wrist. I worked with them for a while, trying to figure out how to pull them around my wrist so I could wear them. I fiddled with a rubber band to try to hold them in place, but I thought I really needed some kind of watch band in order to properly hold them on my wrist.

As I played with my things, I finally came to realize something else was going on in the House: two men had kidnapped a little boy and girl and brought them to the House. The boy and girl were probably around 6-7 years old or younger and were brother and sister. The two men were in the other room and they didn't seem to be paying much attention to me and some other members of my family who were also in the House. The more I thought about the situation, the more concerned I became: it was possible that I could also be implicated in the kidnapping. It would later be difficult for me to explain how I had been aware of the kidnapping but had done nothing about it. Finally I realized I had no choice, that I was going to have to try to free the children and stop the kidnappers.

I walked into the next room. I found that only one kidnapper was there and that the second kidnapper was outside. When I walked out onto the front porch to see what the fellow outside was doing, I suddenly realized the house was surrounded by lawmen. Several of the lawmen were sitting right across the street in a car with their guns pointed at me. Then I saw the kidnapper outside, walking toward the House with several police or FBI men. I realized that he must be trying to give up, but that the other kidnaper inside the House wasn't yet ready to surrender.

When the kidnapper and the police with him reached me, they began talking with me, and I realized the police had decided to let the kidnapper go back inside. The police seemed to think there was nothing else they could do at the moment. When I realized they didn't want me to get involved, I blurted out, "I will have something to do with this. You think I won't?"

I then turned and marched back into the House. I knew the kidnapper inside had a gun, but I was sure I could get the gun away from him and end the siege. I thought the kidnapper had left the gun lying in front of him and I could just grab it. I still had misgivings. I still realized when the whole affair was over, it was going to be difficult for me to explain my way out of it. Even though I was completely innocent, it looked funny that I had been in the House where the kidnappers had come. I just hoped my story would be believed.

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