Dream of: 14 June 1997 "Cartoon"

I was in excellent spirits: I had taken a job working for the controversial long-haired radio personality, Howard Stern. Howard had just set up a new radio studio in a small white one-story block building which contained three or four small rooms. All the rooms were also painted white inside, and Howard had picked the room farthest in the rear to set up his desk. When I walked into the room, I saw Howard sitting at the desk, facing me. He looked young (not more than 30 years old); he was quite thin and was wearing a white tee shirt. As soon as I began talking with him, I was most impressed by how friendly and self-effacing he seemed. I would have expected him to be rather harsh and difficult to work with. But the opposite was true: he seemed quite humble and not at all authoritarian.

My new job wasn't completely clear to me, but it appeared that I was going to manage the office and meet with people who came to see Howard. I would first talk with them, and then if I thought Howard might be interested in meeting them, I would take the people back to meet Howard. But most of all, I could see that the whole operation was aimed at having fun. Although we had a business to conduct, we were all going to be most interested in just having a good time.

As I was talking with Howard, I noticed that he had somehow attached some kind of halter around his chest and that the halter was stuffed full of hundred dollar bills. I walked closer to him and fingered some of the bills. Howard obviously had put the bills there for some kind of reason, but I had no idea what the reason might be. I only knew that it seemed dangerous to be walking around with that much money visible.

I also began to realize that some other people had come into the room. Since we had just set up shop, we hadn't yet developed a system for meeting people at the front door and talking with them before they came back to see Howard; that was something I still needed to work on. But obviously we would have to formulate a system whereby people couldn't simply wander back to where Howard was conducting his radio program.

I quickly escorted the five or six people out of the room and back through the hall to the front of the building. I saw that I was going to have to use one of the remaining rooms for a waiting room and one for an interview room. But I hadn't yet gotten around to arranging everything. So when one man began talking to me, in front of everybody I listened to what he had to say.

He handed me a pamphlet, and while he talked, I leafed through the pamphlet. It was becoming clear that the man would like to go on the radio with Howard and demonstrate a talent which the man had. As well as I could gather, the pamphlet contained the dialogue from a cartoon, and apparently the man's talent was that he had memorized the dialogue, and could recite it, apparently in a comical way. The man was probably in his late twenties, a rather homely but somewhat comical-looking fellow. I could hardly see that his talent was of much account, but I thought I would give him a chance to demonstrate anyway. After leading him over to a chair in the room next to where we were standing, I handed him a radio microphone, one of the big old-fashioned round types. The man held the mike in his hand and began reciting the cartoon. He seemed nervous, and I failed to see the humor in what he was doing, but I let him proceed anyway. Suddenly, however, I heard someone else's voice on the microphone: Howard's. Howard had broken into what the man was saying and in an acerbic voice had abruptly told the man to shut up. I suddenly realized that the microphone must have been connected to Howard's office and that the man's voice had probably gone straight out over the airways. Obviously Howard wasn't pleased, and I realized I shouldn't let such a thing happen again. I also realized the man's recital of a cartoon was of no value for us, and I would need to show the man to the door.

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