Dream of: 09 June 1997 "Light In A Church-Like Building"

I was in the House in Patriot where a family reunion was taking place. Quite a few of my step-relatives were present, descendants of my step-grandfather Clarence. While people mingled around the large living room, I prepared a pizza to feed my pet Dalmatian Picasso and my pet Dalmatian Chaucer. When the pizza was ready, I put it on the floor for the dogs to eat. To my dismay, a couple of my step-cousins, two lanky black-haired boys (in their late teens), picked up the pizza and were getting ready to eat it. I told the boys that the pizza was for the dogs, but that I had another pizza in the oven which I would share with them when it was finished. I really didn't want to share with the boys, but at the moment I saw no choice. So when the second pizza was ready, I pulled it from the oven, gave it to the boys, then walked outside into the front yard.

There I found standing a young girl (probably 14-15 years old ) who was my step-cousin, and I began talking with her. She was in fine shape, dressed in a comely gray print dress. She inched closer and closer to me until she was standing right in front of me, pressing in, touching me. I quickly developed an erection, but I didn't want the girl to feel it. Nevertheless she pressed closer right against my penis and I was sure she could feel it. I was overwhelmed with desire for her. I rationalized that she wasn't really my cousin, that she was a step-relative, that our blood wasn't the same. Obviously she wanted to be with me, and I asked her if she would like to go sit for a while in my car, a red car parked just behind the House. She said she would and I began to imagine whether we would have enough room in the back seat to make love. I thought it might be slightly cramped, but I was sure we could manage.

Just as we turned to head for the car, however, one of my other step-cousins, a boy, walked up and said he was having trouble getting the car to move. He had the key to the car in his hand, and I realized he had been out back trying to move my car. I was furious. I took the key from him and stormed off toward the car, leaving the girl standing there alone. I now realized since the boy had been fooling around with the car, it was hopeless that I would be able to take the girl to the car. Now I only wanted to prevent the other step-cousins from getting in the car.

Upon reaching the car, I walked around to the driver's side and climbed in. I knew why the fellow hadn't been able to move the car: the car was sitting up on top of something so the wheels couldn't get good traction. However I knew how to overcome the problem: it was necessary to first start the car, and then gun the gas pedal, causing the car to fly off its supports. I did so and the car took off. I hesitated for a moment, debating whether I should just drive off or whether I should stay. But by now I was having such a lousy time, I decided to leave and head up toward the Gallia County Farm, about 15 kilometers from Patriot.

I headed down the road, but I didn't travel long before I came to a small building, something like a store or small school, or perhaps even a church. I stopped the car, got out and walked into the building. By now it was dark outside and I sat alone in one of the two rooms of the building, assessing my situation. I felt disconsolate, out of sorts, not in touch with myself. I was unhappy.

Suddenly for just a second, I saw a light flash on the other side of the door which led to the neighboring room. The door was closed and the light could only be seen around the edges of the door. It had happened so fast, for a moment I was unsure I had even seen the light. But slowly I realized there was no doubt – a light had come on, and that meant someone must be in the other room. It occurred to me that I had no business in this building, and that I was actually a trespasser. Probably the police were in the other room, having been sent out to see who was trespassing. I could be in a lot of trouble. Realizing I must try to flee, I jumped up. It being necessary to pass through the other room to get back outside to my car, I raced through the door, and without stopping, outside to my car.

Instead of my car, I found a pickup truck parked outside. I jumped into the truck, immediately started it up and took off back down the road. I hadn't seen anyone while I had made my escape, but I felt sure someone would soon be chasing me. When I kept looking in my rear view mirror to see if anyone was coming, I was surprised (because it was so late at night) to see many other cars on the road behind me. Finally I saw that a car had pulled out from the little building, and that the car seemed to be following me and catching up. I tried to drive as fast as I could, but my truck didn't seem to have as much power as I needed. I tried to think of diversionary measures. Perhaps I could veer off on a side road and throw off my pursuer. Then I remembered that just up ahead was a quiet little cemetery on the side of a hill. Perhaps I could swerve into it. I could enter the cemetery at one entrance and drive to the other end of the cemetery. I could wait there to see if anyone were following, and if they were, I could speed out the other side of the cemetery.

Before I reached the cemetery, however, I began to notice something strange along the road: trees were lying knocked down all around me. Several trees had even fallen part way in the road - I had to swerve to miss them. The signs of destruction increased as I continued down the road, and at the same time I realized all the cars behind me had disappeared. I finally began to put it all together: a tornado had struck. Obviously when the policeman chasing me had seen the signs of the tornado, he had called off his chase, having to attend to the more important matter of the tornado.

I was surprised at how massive the tornado must have been. It also surprised me that the tornado had hit in the middle of the night like this and left so much destruction. I wondered if anyone had been caught in the tornado and been injured or killed.

I was getting closer to the small town of Rio Grande, about half way between Patriot and the Farm. As I pulled into the town I saw people scurrying around all over the street, a strange sight for this time of night. I parked my truck, climbed out and joined some of the people. Obviously the town had already been hit by the tornado, but I heard someone say that another tornado was expected to hit at any moment. Clearly everyone was now trying to find a safe shelter. I asked someone where would be the best place to seek shelter, and the person pointed to a large, dark-red, brick structure which I identified as the courthouse. The building was just across the street and I headed toward it. When I reached the front door, I could see that just inside were stairs leading down to the basement. People were hurrying down the stairs, and I intended to follow. But first I stopped; I wanted to stand in front of the building for a moment and survey the surrounding area. A woman passed me and admonished me that I should hurry downstairs, that the tornado could strike in a flash without warning and I wouldn't have time to go downstairs. Nevertheless I thought I would have enough time and I wanted to see all that was happening.

I also noticed that I could hear singing in the background, as if from a choir. A gospel song. It seemed odd that people would be singing while all this chaos was going on, and I thought maybe I was hearing a record player instead of live voices. But the song sounded so clear, as if someone was actually singing. I listened more closely to the song. It was a gospel I used to hear when I was a child. It went, "Sweet hour of prayer. Sweet hour of prayer. That lifts me from a world of care."

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