Dream of: 05 June 1997 (2) "Valuable Comics"

Carolina and I were staying in a nice hotel in a city which we were visiting. I left the hotel, ventured down the street, and stepped into a second-hand store. I was uncertain why I had entered, but I was glad I had. To my delight and astonishment, I found a large collection of old Marvel comics for sale almost like the collection I used to own for a ridiculously low price, sitting in boxes on a table. As I scoured the selection, I discovered "Fantastic Four" #2 and #3; #2 alone was probably worth $20,000. I looked for #1, but I couldn't find it. "Fantastic Four" #7 featuring the comic character Daredevil was also in the stack. All the comics were in excellent condition, much better than comics usually found in a second-hand store. Who would have given up such a valuable collection of comics?

When other people began gathering around, I hurried over to the owner. I at first thought of offering him less than he was asking; but then I just told him I would take everything for the price he had on them. He accepted and I paid with a credit card. There were so many comics, I wouldn't be able to take them all right now; maybe tomorrow I could find a couple kids to help me carry them.

After paying, I stacked up some comics, carried them to the hotel, and returned to the store for more. When I returned, I noticed a hardback copy of a Dick Tracy book which I might like to buy. I also found other piles of comics around the store. An older man had already bought some of the other comics. I found some comics of "Thor" with lists of all the characters in Thor comics. I kept hoping I would find a copy of "Amazing Fantasy" #15, the issue with the first appearance of Spiderman. I would also like to find a copy of "X-men" #1.

I overheard someone saying that a second batch of comics would be brought in tomorrow. I thought to myself that if I came back tomorrow, I might even offer more for the comics than was being asked. But I decided not to do that I didn't want to tip off the owner as to the true value of the comics.

I had planned to leave early the next day. I had to be in Ohio on Monday, and Ohio was an eight hour drive from where we were. I didn't think Carolina would mind staying longer. I might even enlist her to come to the store tomorrow to buy some of the comics for me. I was afraid that there might be a limit on how many comics any one person could buy.

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