Dream of: 27 May 1997 "King Of Punctuation"

Walking around a huge labyrinthine library, I was wondering about the rules of punctuation. I knew so little about proper punctuation, and had tended to put slack interest on the subject. I was wont to think that rules of punctuation might hinder more than help to produce quality writing. But, over time, my attitude about this had changed radically, and I now saw how important it was to know the rules. It was the punctuation that helped hold the writing together. Just as a painter couldn't randomly splash paint onto a canvas, without shape or form, and expect to create a picture, so a writer, without punctuation, couldn't hope to create a story.

I further wondered exactly who determined what the rules were. It occurred to me that there must be one person in the world who knew more than anyone else about punctuation. He could be called "the king of punctuation." I wondered who he was. Surely not many people must spend their lives devoting themselves to understanding punctuation. But there must be a few such souls. Who were they? Of course I was only thinking of English punctuation, and not of all the other languages. Each different language must have its own experts on punctuation.

Thinking of other languages, I was reminded that I would soon be going to another country and speaking another language. In about a month I was going to leave for Germany. Another black-haired fellow was going to go with me, and I realized I hadn't talked with this fellow for while about our upcoming trip. I should probably give him a call, to make sure that he hadn't forgotten.

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