Dream of: 17 May 1997 (2) "Stryfe"

I had returned to the Grandview Avenue House where my mother was now living. My state of mind was confused; I didn't really know why I had come back to Portsmouth or what I was going to do while there. The only thing I could think of that I would like to do was to smoke some marijuana. I hadn't smoked any pot in years, but now it seemed a good time to try it again. The problem was that I didn't have any pot, and I didn't know where I could find any. Suddenly I remembered something: the previous night I had been out on the town and somehow I had ended up with a baggie of marijuana. In addition to the baggie, I now recalled that I had run into my old high school buddy Ramo and that Ramo had given me enough pot for a joint, but I couldn't remember what I had done with the pot. I was afraid I had lost the pot the previous night during my nocturnal ramblings. Yet there might be a chance that I still had the pot, that I had hidden it somewhere.

I decided to search the House for the pot, and the first place I decided to look was in the pockets of the navy blue sports jacket I had been wearing the night before. I hurried upstairs to the second floor and walked to the front room, the room which overlooked Grandview Avenue. The room was presently being used as my mother's bedroom, and everything was neat and tidy.

I walked straight to the closet and quickly found my jacket. I held the jacket in my hands and went through the pockets. With sinking heart I soon realized nothing was in the pockets, and I was just about to hang the jacket back up in the closet. But just as I had given up on the jacket, I felt a lump down around the bottom seam of the jacket. In a flash I remembered that this jacket had a hole in one of its pockets, and I realized the baggie of pot might have fallen through the hole and was inside the jacket lining.

I walked over to the bed, held the jacket over the bed and began examining the inside lining. Suddenly my heart leapt as I saw part of the baggie of marijuana protruding through yet another hole in the interior lining of the jacket. I quickly pulled out the baggie, and in the process, some loose marijuana from inside the jacket also fell out onto the light blue blanket spread on the bed. I knew the loose marijuana was the pot which Ramo had given to me. There was only enough loose marijuana for one joint. I particularly wanted to save the loose marijuana, because Ramo had said it was quite powerful.

I dumped all the loose pot onto the bed, reaching into the jacket to try to get all of it. When I was satisfied that I had pulled as much pot as possible out of the jacket, I looked at the bed and realized I had another problem: I needed to get this marijuana off my mother's bed as fast as possible. I was unsure whether she was in the House, but if she came into the room and saw what I was doing, explaining would be difficult.

I worked as quickly as I could, but some of the marijuana was sticking to the cover and difficult to pull out. Finally, after much effort, I thought I had picked up as much pot as I could, and I didn't think anyone would be able to detect any on the bed. I had all the pot in the baggie now, and I walked back over to the closet to hang up the jacket.

Just as I had hung up the jacket, I heard someone walk into the room behind me. I thought for sure the person was my mother, and I nervously dropped the baggie of marijuana into a pile of things sitting on the floor of the closet, down behind a brown suitcase. I then started rummaging around through the things, trying to act as if I were looking for something. I knew it was going to be difficult to explain to my mother why I was in her closet, and to try to come up with an explanation of what I was looking for, but it was better than telling her I had a baggie of pot.

However I was surprised when I turned around to see who had walked into the room: a slender blonde woman (probably in her late 20s). She was quite attractive, her only obvious defect being her two top front teeth which were slightly crooked, but not so much as to make much difference.

Although I had never seen this woman before, I immediately thought I knew who she was. I thought my mother had recently taken on a boarder who was living in the bedroom at the other end of the upstairs. I had heard that the woman's name was "Marilyn Stryfe," and I thought this must be her. I immediately asked the woman if she was indeed Marilyn Stryfe, and with a smile she told me she was. I quickly introduced myself, wanting to put her at ease as to why a strange man was in my mother's bedroom. Once Marilyn knew who I was, she seemed satisfied, and turned to leave.

Just as Marilyn walked to the door, a second woman stepped into the room. The second woman was somewhat older, although she was also attractive. I immediately concluded that the second woman was Marilyn's mother, and I thought the mother must also be living in the room at the end of the hall. The second woman didn't speak, and together the two women walked out of the room.

I was immensely relieved that they hadn't seen the marijuana. I had no idea of what kind of problems it might have caused had they seen it. I didn't want to get started on the wrong foot with Marilyn, because I liked her looks. As I thought about how I might approach her the next time we met, I stepped in front of the mirror over the mantle in the room. I looked at myself and saw that I was wearing a tie and a sports jacket. I seldom wore a tie anymore, but I was glad to see that I had being wearing one when I had met Marilyn. I saw that I had dark black hair and that I looked as if I were in my 20s. I was pleased with what I saw, and I thought Marilyn probably had also been impressed. I thought I had a good chance of getting to know her better.

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