Dream of: 16 May 1997 "House Of Saul"

always do god's will

I had just finished reading an entire book of the Bible, a book called House of Saul. The book had been immensely satisfying, and as I closed the Bible, I reflected as to how much better the books of the Bible seemed to fit together for me now, and how the stories seemed to flow and mingle into each other, creating one continuous picture. This particular book, House of Saul, had been particularly edifying, and I now had a clear picture of the entire book.

I now understood that the House of Saul was an actual house. The house looked exactly like a large brick house in which I had lived for about 8 months in Dallas in 1987, which had been called the "Dallas Zen Center," and which had been run by a group of Zen Buddhists. The actual House of Saul in the book House of Saul, however, had been a house inhabited by the ancient Jews, and apparently was in Jerusalem. I now understood that due to an early misunderstanding, the actual House of Saul had become a source of conflict between Jews and Moslems. Both the Jews and the Moslems had claimed the house as a holy place, and many wars had been fought over the house. I had never understood the source of those conflicts before, but now that I had read the book again, it was much clearer.

I suddenly heard my sister call for me. She was in a bed in a bedroom down at the end of the hall. I looked down the hall toward the room. The interior of the house where I was closely resembled a house in which I had lived in Waco, Texas in the early 1980s when I had been attending law school. I stood up and walked toward the bedroom door, realizing my sister wanted me to shut the door for her. Just as I reached the door, I heard a frightening sound which seemed to be coming from the room where my sister was lying. I had the terrible feeling that some kind of monster was in the room, hiding behind the door. I was worried the monster might try to hurt my sister, and instead of closing the door, I hollered back to my sister, "Watch out Linda!"

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