Dream of: 08 May 1997 "Making D's"

I was attending a class being taught by judge Abramson, a federal judge in whose court I had once practiced law. I didn't particularly like being here in the same room as Abramson. I thought he used to like me, but over time I had lost my fondness for him, and he in turn, sensing my attitude, had turned against me. Now we had little to say to each other, and as the class proceeded, I noticed how he avoided directing any questions to me. That was exactly what I wanted. I had no interest in anything he was teaching, and I preferred to let my mind wander along to other subjects. So as the discussion proceeded (the class seemed focused on discussion rather than following a lecture format), I sat down on the floor at the back of the room, stationing myself behind a large beige armchair so I was out of Abramson's sight.

It didn't take me long to realize I wasn't alone on the floor; sitting next to me was a comely blonde woman (probably in her mid 30s). I was immediately attracted to her, and sensing that the feeling was mutual, I wasted no time. I put my arms around her, pulled her close to me, and began kissing her. Even though I knew this wasn't the appropriate venue for such behavior, I pressed up closer to her, pushing our loins together. I knew she could feel my rock-hard erection, and I thought she must be impressed by my obvious prowess. She was clearly experienced in matters of love, but I could tell that I was the more experienced of the two, and that she was following my lead. I sensed her pleasure with being with an able partner.

I also sensed something else quite disquieting: other people were watching us. The pressure of having other people watch me became so intense, I finally broke off my embrace with my companion. Still on the floor, we sat up and began to compose ourselves. Regaining myself, I noticed that yet another blonde-haired woman, about the same age as the first one, was sitting on the other side of me. This second woman was wearing a pair of thick black glasses. Nevertheless, even with the glasses, I also found the second woman attractive, and I wondered if I might not start up some physical contact with her. I knew this was getting a bit out of hand. After all, I was married, and if I were going to fool around with someone, I surely shouldn't be doing it here in a public place, and to think of carrying on with two different women was just a little too much.

The second woman didn't show any overt desire to roll around with me. Instead she began talking about my grades. I immediately understood that she was talking about my grades from high school, and at the same time I realized I was still in high school. High school was something else I was sick of. I saw little hope that I would ever finish high school. That had bothered me for a long time; but now I was getting to the point where I simply didn't care anymore.

The second woman said she had looked over my grades, and had seen that I had made around 65 "D's." I thought it might be possible that I had made quite a few "D's," but 65 seemed entirely too many. Besides, I was sure I had also made a few "A's" and "B's" along the way, and I was beginning to think that perhaps the woman hadn't seen my actual grades at all, that perhaps she was simply making up what she was saying.

The woman then mentioned something else: that she knew I had recently bought an old collectible board game at a store. She said she knew about this because she had been the person who had owned the store. She said she had gone out of business and the board game had been one of the last things she had sold.

I was quite surprised to hear all of this, because she was indeed correct: I had bought such a game. In fact, I told her I had the game with me, and I reached over behind me and pulled it out. I found this to be quite an interesting topic, and wanting to pursue the subject further, I opened up the box and pulled the game board out of the box. After laying the board on the floor in front of me, I began pulling out the rest of the pieces of the game, and I likewise laid them on the floor.

Only when I had everything spread out in front of me did I look back up. I was surprised to see that all the other people in the room were standing up and leaving. Obviously the class was over. Most people had already left, and disbelieving, I sat here as the last few people filed out of the room. The two women had disappeared with all the others.

The only person left in the room was Abramson. I immediately felt uncomfortable being left with him. Clearly he didn't want to speak to me, and I just as clearly didn't want to speak to him, but now here we were alone. He walked over toward me, clearly impatient, and in the most deprecating tone, said, "Oh Steve."

I looked at myself. I saw what he was talking about. Besides having this game spread all over the floor, I wasn't wearing any pants. I had on a shirt, but from the waist down, all I was wearing was a pair of white jockey shorts. I quickly looked around for my pants, realizing it was going to take me a few minutes to get dressed and clean up my mess. I spoke to him, "Judge, I didn't realize it was time."

I asked him if he could just go ahead and leave while I got dressed and cleaned up, but he made it clear that he couldn't do that. So I quickly looked around, trying to figure out where all my stuff was.

Just then another man walked into the room. He was a short black-haired man who walked with a limp. He strongly resembled a teacher I had had in junior high school. He walked over to a seat next to me and sat down. I was relieved to see someone else come in the room. I quickly asked him if there was going to be another class taking place in the room. He said no. I thought he must just intend to do some studying in the room. For whatever reason he was here, I was glad I was no longer alone with Abramson.

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