Dream of: 06 May 1997 "Freedom's Everything"

I had moved to a small Texan town on the Mexican border. I was standing in a small municipal building in the center of town. I had just been to some kind of class in the building, and after class I had walked out into the front hallway of the building. Two men who had also been in the class had walked out with me, and the three of us stood by a counter and talked.

They asked me how I liked the town and where would I most like to live. I told them I liked Alpine, Texas. I also thought of the small town of Terlingua, and I thought of saying that I felt most at home in Terlingua. But I thought that would sound pretentious and I didn't say it.

It didn't take me long before I realized the two men were the sheriff and the police chief of the town. I quickly directed the conversation to the subject of drugs. I told them I didn't understand how they could arrest someone for the use of drugs. As we all continued talking, the two of the began frisking me. They did it in a friendly, joking manner, but I knew they were serious. I really didn't mind; I knew I didn't have any drugs on me.

What more interested me was my feelings about the two men. Both men were quite simple, and spoke in monotone, but I found them genuinely interesting. What interested me most was that men such as these, who were obviously honest and not corrupt, could be so controlled by evil that they would take away people's freedom because of drugs. I said, "Freedom's everything."

When our conversation came to an end I turned and walked outside. But I immediately turned around and walked back in: I couldn't find my glasses and thought I might have left them on the counter by the two men. When I walked back in, I saw that a woman was now standing beside one of the men. One of the men said, "Steve, what are you still doing here?"

I explained why I had come back. Finally I found my glasses in my shirt pocket, turned and left. Once I was outside, a verse ran through my mind, "While everything is all done up now, Life goes on now, Early spring."

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