Dream of: 04 May 1997 "Lumberjacks"

I was traveling around the United States with a tour group, visiting different cities. We had arrived at the outskirts of a city which I identified as Kansas City. I had never been in Kansas City before, and I was impressed by the sight of the downtown, where I could see a huge circular brick tower.

As we continued the tour, moving on to the next city, I thought about my brother Chris, who was also traveling with us. Unfortunately, because he was in a wheelchair, we had to leave Chris behind every day, so he was never able to really see much. I had thought of trying to take him with us when we toured the cities, but in reality I had never even bothered to look in on him in the mornings before we went out on our daily tours. On this particular morning I did however look in on him in his room. He was sitting in his wheelchair and looked as if he might be 13-14 years old. I asked him how he had been doing, and he said he had just been sitting there.

I suddenly decided to take him with us. I walked behind his wheelchair and wheeled him out of the room. Once outside, I had to go up some steep rock stairs. Another fellow stepped up and helped me. I had been concerned with what the other members of the group might think about Chris, but now I realized they might even want to help. I rolled him into a room where breakfast was being served. I saw some strawberry pies and several other types of pies. It appeared to be excellent food. But when I asked Chris if he wanted any, he indicated he didn't. However he seemed extremely happy to be with me.

By now I was beginning to realize where we were: in a Kroger store in Rosemount, Ohio. We were in the deli section of the store where people could eat. I was about to sit down, but it occurred to me that since I was so close to Portsmouth, I might give my old friend Randy Ramey a call. I went to the phone and dialed. I knew I had been taking two different kinds of pills which a doctor had recently prescribed for me. I had recently been to Ramey's house and had left the pills there. I was feeling poorly, and I was planning to go see another doctor for a new prescription for the pills. However, I hoped I could reach Ramey and get my pills back from him. Someone finally came on the phone and began talking to me in a low quiet voice. But when I asked the fellow if he was Ramey, he said he wasn't. I thought he must obviously be a very lonely person to have continued talking with me so long.

When I finally hung up the phone and sat back down, an extremely pretty young woman walked up to me. She resembled both my step-cousin Sussie (the purported granddaughter of my step-grandfather Clarence) and Tammy (a teenage girl who lived close to the Gallia County Farm in the early 1980s). She was dressed all in white. She walked right up to me and kissed me. Then she bent over in such a way that I was able to put my hand under her blouse and feel her breast. It wasn't quite as large as I had expected. I was immediately thinking about having sex with her. I knew the Holiday Inn was right next door, and I thought I might be able to take her there.

She sat down beside me and asked me what I was doing these days. I told her I wasn't working. What I didn't tell her was that I had a quarter of a million dollars to live on, and that I didn't need to work. I also noted how casually I was dressed: I was wearing a black tee shirt. But I knew that I looked strong and healthy.

By the way the girl was looking at other people around the room, it was clear that she knew some of them. It was only when she stood back up, that I suddenly realized she was pregnant. When I asked her about it, she explained that she was pregnant with three different babies at the same time, from three different men. She said that two of the babies were from two Canadians, probably lumberjacks, who had been passing through the area. The third baby was from another man who had been going around the area with his girlfriend, visiting yard sales. The man and his girlfriend hadn't had a car, but somehow this girl had been able to meet them.

I immediately became worried when I heard all of this. I was worried the girl might have AIDS. I had even been thinking of having sex with her without a condom. How stupid could I be? I was also worried it might be possible to contact AIDS from someone just by kissing them. I clandestinely pulled a white towel to my mouth and spit into it.

I confronted the girl and asked her if she had AIDS. She was evasive and she didn't want to answer, but finally she admitted she had had AIDS. She seemed to think she didn't have it anymore. I was completely incredulous as I sputtered, "You have HIV?"

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