Dream of: 03 May 1997 "Connected To Gallipolis"

As I was with my mother (about 40 years old) in the living room of the Gallia County Farmhouse, I looked out the east window and spotted a funnel cloud forming over the eastern hills, nebulous and indistinct. After pointing out the funnel cloud to my mother, I ran out front and looked down toward the creek, where I could see my sister (about 12-13 years old) in a tall tree at the bottom of the hill. I hollered to her that a tornado was coming; she jumped out of the tree, injuring her leg when she landed. I ran down the hill to her, picked her up and started carrying her up the hill. By now the tornado was almost on top of us; I didn't think we were going to reach the House in time.

I could see the cloud approaching – huge, black and ominous. Scenes from the movie Twister flashed through my mind. The tornado reached the Farmhouse just at the same time we did. My sister and I both fell face down onto the ground; I thought the funnel would suck us up. To my happy surprise, the tornado passed right by, missing both us and the Farmhouse.

Our relief was short-lived. As we stood back up, I saw a second funnel descending in a rusty swirl from the sky. Almost in slow motion, a long thin funnel cloud touched down to the earth. As fast as possible, we scurried into the House and down to the basement.

My mother and five or six other people who had been in the House were already huddled in the basement; even my brother Chris was here. We could hear the tornado hit the House over our heads. When the House started moving, I crawled to a spot where I could see outside. Boards were being ripped off the front of the House. It looked as if the House were going to tip over backwards. I kept looking at the large timbers in the basement, thinking if they broke and the House fell on us, we would have no chance of survival.

Slowly the wind subsided until finally we were all able to crawl back outside, like climbing out of a bomb shelter. I was surprised to see the House still standing! The boards hadn't even been torn off the back.

At the bottom of the hill in back were around ten cars. They had obviously pulled in there for protection. As they started to pull back out, a couple of the cars drove up to the back door to see if we were all right.

I walked around to the front of the House and looked out over the front field. A semi-truck was turned over in the field. And Symmes Creek was flooded over the entire bottom.

I walked back to the back of the House. The others were already going back inside. I asked my mother if she thought my father had insurance on the House, and she said he did. I knew he had been planning to remodel the House, so if he had insurance, this might be a lucky break for him.

For the first time I noticed my grandmother Mabel sitting there in a wheelchair. She had black hair and was wearing black glasses. She seemed incoherent, and she didn't even seem to realize a tornado had occurred. She said something about "Ironstone," and then something about a man going to a movie. She also mentioned a man had charged her $4-$5 to bring her home.

I wondered if the tornado had hit Gallipolis. I could just imagine the whole town having been leveled the way I sometimes saw on newscasts. If so, I wondered if the people who read my dreams on the Internet would hear about Gallipolis on the news, and connect it with me. I knew Gallipolis was such a small place that almost no one would know where it was, but someone might remember having heard about Gallipolis in my dreams, because I dreamed about the town so often. Now for the first time, Gallipolis might make national news, and people might think of me when they heard the name.

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