Dream of: 23 April 1997 "Without A Church"

power acheived through

god's reconciliation

may survive the grave

I had contracted a debilitating disease which was draining my strength - killing me. I certainly would die and I only had a few more weeks to live. Although I was expiring, I also came to realize that during the last weeks of life, I would be endued with incredible miraculous powers. I would not receive any elated pleasure in the use of the powers - I would simply be using the powers because I had to. Almost as soon as I realized I had the powers, I had a vision. I had never had a vision in my life, and as I saw this vision, I realized the ability to evoke visions was one of the new powers which I now possessed. The vision was not complicated: I simply envisioned a middle-aged Hispanic woman who I knew was in great danger. Although I had never seen the woman before, I recognized her: she was the mother of a friend of my mother.

Although my mother was in the room with me at the time of my vision, she of course did not see it. When I tried to tell my mother what I had seen, she showed no interest in hearing about it.

I could not waste any time. I sensed that the woman in my vision was real, and that I must reach her immediately if I were going to save her from the danger which threatened her. When I picked up a telephone, an operator immediately came on the line. When I began talking to the operator and tried to describe the Hispanic woman whom I needed to reach, I realized how fantastic and unreal my story must seem. As I attempted to explain to the operator that I had seen a vision, I realized the operator probably thought I was just crazy.

Afterwards, I came to understand that since I was going to be so weak during the next few weeks before my death, I would need some people to help me so that I would be able to use my incredible powers. I was standing among a group of people, trying to select who my helpers would be. I noticed one woman standing in front of me, and after looking at her for only a few moments, I spoke to her, calling her by her name, "Caryl." I recalled that Caryl Setters had been one of my classmates in high school. I had never known her well. Although she had been in my class, she had always dated older fellows and had been too pretty and aloof to pay any attention to me. I had not seen her in all the years since high school. Nevertheless, now feeling a strong sense of closeness to her, I pulled her into my arms and hugged her. Her face was covered with acne and she seemed terribly frail. I instantly knew she would become one of my assistants and help me  perform my miracles during the coming weeks.

I stood back from Caryl and began reflecting for a moment on my new powers and the coming miracles. It occurred to me that the powers which I now possessed were almost identical to those which Jesus Christ was supposed to have manifested when he had been alive, and that I would be performing miracles identical to those which Christ had performed. I immediately saw the irony of this. I had long assumed that the miracles attributed to Christ had been mere fabrications and that for a man to have performed such miracles was impossible. Now that I myself had similar powers, however, I had to reconcile my mind to the possibility that Christ had indeed been able to perform miracles. Now that I had such powers, it was easier to see how Christ could have also mastered such powers. In fact, perhaps many men down through history had had the power to perform miracles.

Later I was sitting in the back seat of a car parked in a parking lot. My father, who had been driving the car, had stepped out and left me there alone. After only a few seconds, I realized the car was starting to roll forward and I jumped into the front seat behind the steering wheel. I unwisely pushed the gear shift on the steering column all the way to the left. I thought by doing so, I was shifting the car into park. To my chagrin, however, the car continued moving even faster and finally smashed into the car parked in front of our car. My car continued to ram the other car like a bulldozer, finally pushing the car into a couple other parked cars.

Suddenly my father returned and opened the driver's door next to me. As he slid into the driver's seat, I scooted over to the passenger side. I tried to explain that I had merely been trying to help and that I had been trying to prevent the car from going forward. I now realized that instead of shifting the car into park, I had actually shifted it into a forward gear, but I did not think the accident had been my fault because the gears on this car differed from the normal gears of a car. And something on the steering column had blocked my view of the letters on the column, the letters which signified the gears. This was all too complicated to try to explain, and I finally resigned myself to being judged guilty of wrecking the cars.

Afterwards, my father and I were riding down the road in the car. He was driving and I was sitting in the front passenger seat. I was still thinking about my powers and the work I needed to do. Due to my affliction, however, I was becoming increasingly weak. By now it was difficult to even breathe and I knew I did not have long to live. Nevertheless, I still had enormous powers, and I needed to use them. I was also troubled because I was running out of money, and I knew I would need some cash just to stay alive. I might be able to make some money by giving lectures, but I was too weak to arrange any lectures myself; I still needed someone to help me.

I was also wondering what my father thought about my dire illness. Declining to frailty and emaciation, I almost resembled someone afflicted with AIDS. I did not have AIDS, but I was somewhat concerned that my father might presume that I did. He might conclude that I had contracted the disease due to a lascivious lifestyle, even though I knew that my mode of living had had nothing to do with my disease. I hoped he understood that.

As I gazed out the window on my right, I could see a wide river flowing next to the road and on the far bank of the river, I could discern the tall buildings of a large city. I thought that the expansive river must be the Ohio and that the city must be Cincinnati, but still unsure, I weakly asked my father, "Where are we?"

Some churches were mixed in with the buildings in the city; just as I was looking at the churches, my father asked, "Do you see your church?"

I responded, "I don't have a church."

I could hardly speak, my breath was so short. I was having extreme difficulty breathing, and I realized I was much closer to death than I had thought. I also realized if I were going to die, one last thing was extremely important to me: I wanted my father and me to be completely at peace with each other. With my remaining strength, I exerted myself to lean over to my father, put my arms around him and hug him as tightly as I could. I was not accustomed to hugging him or anyone else, and generally I shied away from physical contact with people, but when I hugged my father this time, I felt a closeness to him such as I had rarely known. In a weak voice I said, "Dad, one thing important beyond all others – well maybe not all others" (I added the words "maybe not all others" because I thought there was something that had to do with God which was more important than this) "before I die I want to reconcile with you."

Dream Commentary of July 18, 2016

Just as one of the primary functions of a church is the communion of members with each other, so too is communion with each other one of the primary functions of the Dream Journal.

Commentary of 27 November 2015

Just as churches focus on comunicating with God, so does the Dream Journal focus on the communication between dream-publishers.

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