Dream of: 22 April 1997 (2) "Carmen"

I was riding in a car with two other fellows whom I had recently met. I had been doing quite a bit of trading in the stock market recently, and I was thinking about the prices of some stocks I was trading. The stocks weren't for companies, but for operas, which could be invested in like companies. When one fellow in the car asked me if I knew the names of any operas, I was surprised by the coincidence of his question. I was just about to say "Carmen," when the fellow blurted out, "The answer I usually get ..."and then he went on to hum a few bars from the opera Carmen. He was trying to make fun of people who only knew the opera Carmen. As he then good-naturedly began rattling off the names of other operas, I tried to recall the names of operas. I concentrated, remembering that the action of one opera took place in southern France. Was the opera called "The Marseilles"? I couldn't remember for sure.

The fellow continued talking; he certainly knew a lot about operas, as well as many other subjects. In a way, he reminded me of Weinstein and how Weinstein used to be able to talk of so many things. But this fellow was more understanding of my obtuseness and he didn't make fun of me like Weinstein used to. I liked this fellow much better than Weinstein; I would like to be friends with him.

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