Dream of: 04 April 1997 "Repairs"

While I was in the Gallia County Farmhouse, I heard my pet Dalmatian Picasso barking outside. I let him in and he crawled under some blankets on the floor, where my nephew David was lying. I picked up some other blankets and carried them upstairs. I was thinking I might come back downstairs later, at 10 o'clock and watch a porno show on television. But I might watch another show instead.

Once I was upstairs, I began fixing up some things in a little room which I had converted into an office. My mother was working in a neighboring room which had been converted into a library. I first extracted a heavy thick piece of glass from the wall. I carried the glass over to another wall and leaned the glass against the wall. When I returned to the place where I had taken out the glass, I discovered a sliding door which needed to be repaired. I thought I could do the repairs. I would have to attach a metal strip to the top of the door.

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