Dream of: 01 April 1997 "Disguise"

Although my father, my mother, and my sister were with me in a house, we also seemed to be moving down the road in different cars. I was sitting in the front passenger seat of my 1986 BMW, and no one was sitting in the drivers seat. However the car was moving along and I realized it was traveling at the same speed of a car which my father was driving. I decided to scoot over and sit behind the steering wheel just to see what it would be like.

When I got behind the wheel, I realized the car was going very fast, probably 70-80 miles an hour. Since my father was also controlling this car through the car he was driving, I knew I couldn't put on the brakes or move the steering wheel. I just had to sit and watch, even though I knew we were moving much too fast, especially since the road seemed a bit wet and slippery.

I was on a winding highway with numerous other cars also speeding along. A police car sped by me on my left, obviously in pursuit of someone else who was speeding. The police car seemed to be going dangerously fast. Suddenly I came to an incline in the road going down, and as I flew over a bump, my car became airborne. As the car hit the ground again, it started to wind out of control, and I could see that I was obviously going to crash. I thought to myself, "Here we go."


I was sitting in a room with my sister and my father. I picked up a piece of paper lying on a table, and as I looked at it, I realized it was a traffic ticket which my sister had received. I recalled having previously heard about this ticket. It was a ticket for having some kind of disguise. My sister had been pulled over by a police officer while she had been driving. Apparently when the officer had looked into her car, he had seen a box which had some stuff in it for disguising a person's face. Her children had used the disguise for Halloween. But apparently there was a law against having this kind of disguise material and the officer had given my sister a ticket for $22.00.

I told my sister she shouldn't pay the fine. I was indignant that police officers were always pulling over people and finding some excuse to give them a fine. I told my sister if she would go to court she would be able to beat the case. I told her I was sure the officer must prove she had had the disguise with "intent to commit a felony" in order to convict her. She said she understood, but I doubted she would go to court. Apparently she had some other problems with tickets, and she didn't want to go to the courthouse.

My father began talking about how he was glad he didn't have to pay anyone last year for "prostration time." What he meant by prostration time was time in which an employee was being paid even though the employee wasn't performing any work. Since my father didn't have any employees at the present time, he wasn't losing any money that way. I thought to myself that I also didn't have any employees and therefore I wasn't losing any money on non-working employees. However it occurred to me that my father still did employ some people in his car ports business, and I wondered why he wasn't counting them.

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