Dream of: 21 March 1997 "Power To Metamorphose"

While walking down the street, I ran into Louise and a pretty little girl (about 5 years old) with Louise. Neither Louise nor the girl spoke to me, but I immediately recognized that the girl was Louise's daughter. I also saw something else: something that looked like a large glob of purple gook taking the place of the girl. As I looked at the glob, it shaped itself into a distorted, wacky-looking person. I quickly realized the glob-person was dangerous and trying to harm Louise, who was trying to escape.

I decided I would try to help Louise any way I could. I stepped up to the blob creature and grabbed it, so Louise could make a quick escape, which she did. I held onto the creature as it tried to free itself from me so it could follow Louise. I also knew that in addition to shaping itself into a person, the creature had the ability to go into telephone wire, absorb itself into the wire, and travel through the wire. Over our head was a telephone wire, and the creature was trying to break free of me so it could reach the wire. I not only impeded its progress, I broke its ability to go into the telephone wire.

As I held onto the creature, I couldn't help but admire this fantastic ability it had to metamorphose itself. I wished I were able to have such powers, and I said to it, "I'm beginning to have an idea of how you work, you know. I like it. I like it a lot. Can anybody do it?"

No sooner had I spoken than once again the creature began shifting its form, changing into a worm, slipping through my hands, and entering a subterranean sewer below the street. I couldn't do anything to stop it. Clearly the creature would be able to speed along the sewers and follow Louise in that fashion.

Once the creature had disappeared, I thought about how much indeed I had liked the power that it had. Again I wondered if anyone could obtain this power. I certainly wished that I had it.

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