Dream of: 20 March 1997 "Soft Things In The Attic"

As my sister (who looked around 18-19 years old) and I were sitting in the living room of the Gallia County Farmhouse, we moved closer and closer together, until I was running my hands all over her body. Even though my mother was lying on a couch on the other side of the room, I put my hand on my sister's left leg (she was sitting on my left) and I ran my hand up her leg until my hand was right on her crotch, under her dress, on her white panties. All the while I kept my eye on my mother, wondering if she could see us, but it was so dark, I could barely see my mother, so I didn't think she could see my hand on my sister's crotch.

My sister and I became more passionate; I decided I was going to make love to my sister right here on the spot. We moved around so we were behind a large broad-leafed house plant, potted in a large gold metal vase, which blocked my mother's view. My sister stood up; I moved behind her. She sat down on top of me, and although at first I was uncertain I would be able to manage it, I succeeded in pushing my penis into her vagina. It was tight, and I only managed to push in about half way, before we suddenly heard someone coming.

We disentangled ourselves, and I stood up. By now we were on a large built-in back porch. I told my sister to go back around the other way, while I headed down the back of the hill toward the old barn, where I intended to meet back up with her. She scurried down one side of the hill, and I down the other, both of us heading for an old barn on the site of the old milk house. My sister walked down through the field in the bottom behind the Farmhouse. I had descended straight down until I encountered the fence at the bottom of the hill. I had to climb over the barbed wire and boards on the fence, finally descending into the barn lot.

Both of us were headed for the barn. Just the previous week I had made love to another girl in the haystack in the barn. However, I wasn't planning to take my sister to the haystack, but to an attic inside the barn.

Both my sister and I entered the barn, and climbed up on top of the haystack. I told my sister I was going to take her upstairs; but she said she didn't want to go up there. I reached up over my head and pulled off a board, telling her it was the board to the attic. I said, "Its the attic."

I then reached up through the hole, placed my hands on both sides of the hole, and pulled myself up. Standing up with my feet astraddle the hole, I reached down to my sister; she took my hand and I pulled her up. In the process I almost fell down, but I regained my balance, thinking what a disaster it would be if we were both to fall out of the attic.

As soon as we were both secure, I pulled her to me and began running my hands over her body. I was a bit worried one of her sons, who were also on the Farm, might show up in the barn, but I wasn't so worried so as not to proceed.

The attic looked like the attic of the Gay Street House. Some soft things were piled up in one section of the attic; I intended to take my sister to that spot. As we continued to pet and kiss, however, I began wondering whether my sister might have AIDS. Since I knew so much about her, it was extremely unlikely she had AIDS. I didn't have AIDS, and I didn't think it was possible she had it. Yet I was thinking about how difficult it would be to go back to Carolina and have sex with her, because I wouldn't be positive my sister didn't have AIDS. Nevertheless, by this time, I was definitely sure I was going to have sex with my sister; we headed toward the soft spot.

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