Dream of: 19 March 1997 "Encounter With Death"

I was lying on the ground on my stomach, trying to push myself with my hands, when I realized I was dying. I didn't even know whether I was trying to raise my self up, or whether I had just lain down; but I knew I was having trouble moving. As I watched, I could see myself lying there, trying to push myself up, and it looked as if a ghost were coming out of my body. In a way I was fascinated, because I had always wondered what it would be like, what I would think, when I knew I was dying. Now that I knew it was happening, it didn't bother me. I thought I was ready to go, ready to finally see what it would be like to be dead. The dilemma which had always been in my mind was going to be resolved right here and now. I was going to see whether life just ended in a flash, or whether life would go on. And from the looks of things, it appeared that life was going to continue. However it would turn out, I didn't feel the regret of dying which I had always thought I would feel at the end.

Finally I pushed myself on up, and I realized I hadn't died after all, that I was still alive. I was amazed that I had had a brief encounter with death, but I hadn't died. I stood up, feeling a sense of complete amazement at what I had just experienced.

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