Dream of: 16 March 1997 "Stock Market"

I was standing in a room with several men, all of whom seemed to be related to me in some way. Among them were my father and my second-cousin Don. The conversation had turned to the stock market, a subject which seemed to interest everyone present, including myself. I had recently become active in the stock market, buying and selling at home with an on-line service. But it seemed that my trading methods were different from the those of my relatives, since they seemed to be typical long-term investors. Directing my attention toward Don, I walked toward him and announced that I tried to buy and sell all my stock within one day.

When Don seemed to show some interest in how I had fared, I continued talking and told him I had completed six trades within the last month and that I had made a profit of around $2,500. I explained that I would have made a profit of $3,500, but that I had lost $1,000 on one of my stocks. I knew it was to be expected that I wouldn't make money on every trade, but I regretted the $1,000. Still, I thought that overall I had been successful, and although $2,500 wasn't a lot of money to make in a month in the stock market, it wasn't that bad.

I thought Don might want to hear more about how I watched certain stocks to determine when to jump in, make a quick profit and jump out. But when he began talking, I soon realized he was talking about a stock which he had bought and on which he had lost money. It was some kind of railroad stock which held no particular interest for me.

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