Dream of: 15 March 1997 "Homeless Shelter"

I had been staying in a homeless shelter for several days. Even though I had often wondered what it would be like to live in one of these places, I had never actually been to one before. Now that I was settled in, I found the place to my liking, and I thought I might stay here for a month or more.

Several other men were in the same room with me, men who fit the general description of the down-and-out. I wondered what they thought of me, especially since I didn't look at all like them; I was young, strong and healthy. They must wonder how I had ended up here.

I myself didn't have the answer to that question. I hadn't come to the shelter due to lack of money. In fact, as I found a spot on the floor next to the wall and sat with my back propped up against the wall, I began counting my assets in my mind. I had become more and more involved in the stock market lately and I presently had $115,000 invested in stocks. In my mind I began going through my other property and assets, including my home, and all together I came up with a total of $250,000. Obviously I had enough money so it wasn't necessary for me to stay in a homeless shelter. Nevertheless, I thought this experience would prove valuable for me, and I had no intention of leaving.

It occurred to me Weinstein had also spent about a month in a homeless shelter. After college, Weinstein had settled down in Manhattan to pursue his carrier as a writer and editor. However I recalled when Weinstein had first arrived in New York, it had been necessary for him to live for a while in a homeless shelter.

As I sat thinking about Weinstein, I wasn't quite prepared for what I saw next. As I looked across the room to a neighboring room (raised up higher than my room) I was surprised to see Weinstein standing over there. He didn't see me, but I could see he also looked young and in good health. I was unsure why he was now at the shelter, but it looked as if he was also staying here.

Seeing Weinstein made me remember some other pertinent details about him. Most importantly, I remembered Weinstein, like I, also had quite a bit of money stashed away. In fact, I knew exactly how much money he had, and when I began going over his assets in my mind, I was surprised to realize he had the exact amount of money as I did. This was a bit of a revelation to me, because I suddenly realized if we were to combine our fortunes and form a partnership, we could double our economic power. I was uncertain exactly what we would do with all the money. I could possibly use my knowledge of the stock market and place the money there. I was sure I knew how to make money in the stock market. Or we might try something else. The point was that if we would just put the money together, we could definitely raise our clout. I simply needed to stand up, walk over to Weinstein and talk with him about it.

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