Dream of: 12 March 1997 "The Flash"

I was in an gigantic room, the size of an auditorium, but which nevertheless appeared to be an ordinary room in a house. Along with myself, many other people were in the room. We were all super heroes, and we were all fighting with each other. I was one of the strongest of the super heroes. I was dressed in a red costume similar to the one worn by the comic character Flash, and it seemed that some people even called me "Flash."

One of my super powers was the ability to fly. I also carried a tiny super powerful device, about the size of a cigarette lighter. The device could shoot out extremely powerful flames, and I would fly around the room, shooting the flames at the other super heroes. I didn't actually burn anyone, but only used the flames to fend people away from me. Everyone was afraid of me.

I continued for quite a while, flying around the room and shooting flames at people. Suddenly, however, I realized my powers were beginning to fade. At the same time as my flame device began to fail, I felt my flying power begin to wane, and I descended toward the ground.

When I landed on the ground, I saw that dozens of people were fighting all around me. I knew as soon as they realized my powers were gone, they would attack me. I raised both hands up in the air and I shouted out, "I have a proposal!"

Everyone stopped fighting and looked at me. I then continued, "Can't we all just get along."

I heard a disappointed moan rise up. Everyone seemed to think I was acting like a wimp, uttering such a common saying. They seemed disappointed that I hadn't said something more original. But I continued talking, persisting in suggesting that we all stop fighting each other and try to get along with each other. As I talked, I just hoped that no one would realize that my powers were gone. If they realized I was powerless, they would see the hollowness of what I was saying.

I continued to talk, and suggested that there would be a class of people, who would be called either the "Flashes-Re" or the "Sun-Re," and this class of people would control all the other people. Another moan went up. People thought it was quite peculiar that I wanted to make the "Flash" people and the "Sun" people the rulers, especially since I belonged to one of those classes. I immediately saw that this had been a bad idea. I also quickly realized if people started fighting again right now, I was vulnerable. So I needed to change that aspect of my proposal.

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