Dream of: 05 March 1997 "Elvis Presley's Bible"

Carolina and I had happened upon an estate sale of Elvis Presley. Apparently almost no one knew about the sale and very few people were here. A few people were standing in a line to get in, and other people had already gone inside and picked up things. We went inside and started looking around.

Carolina quickly found something she wanted to buy and she got into a line where people were waiting to pay. Meanwhile I saw something on the wall, walked over to have a closer look, and discovered three Christmas cards. I took them off the wall to look at them. They were all Christmas cards which Elvis had sent to his mother. On one side of each card was written in ink a long letter from Elvis to his mother. I looked at the price: $10 for one, or $200 for all three. That didn't make any sense to me. I looked at the price again and realized it was $70 for one, or $200 for all three. I decided I was going to buy all three.

I walked over to Carolina to get in line. As I stood in line to pay and I continued looking at the Christmas cards, I realized a Bible was included with the cards. I leafed through the Bible and discovered it had belonged to Elvis when he had been in Folsom prison. I hadn't realized he had been in prison, but I read that he had been in prison in 1919. Elvis had written different things in the Bible in ink on different pages. He had also underlined passages. The Bible would be included with the Christmas cards for $200. This seemed like a great deal to me. Not often did one acquire the actual Bible of Elvis Presley.

The best was yet to come: Elvis himself walked through the room. He looked a little strange (50-60 years old) and his hair was rather gray, but he was still strong, healthy, and tall. He walked into the next room, where he was authenticating everything with his signature. He would even write comments on the items if someone wanted. Like an ordinary person, he was in the room signing items for the few people who were present.

I laid my things on a table for just a moment and a woman walked up and looked at them. Sensing that she was interested in them, I grabbed everything back up. I thought they were quite a bargain.

I began thinking about what I would ask Elvis to write on my items. I might ask him to write, "To Steve ..." and I would like him to write the year when he had had each item and how old he had been at that time. For the Bible, I especially wanted him to write what years he had been in prison.

When I finally reached the counter to pay, I pulled out my GM MasterCard. I thought I might be getting close to my limit on the card because I had bought quite a few things recently, but it also seemed as if I had paid the card down recently. So I thought I still had plenty of credit on the card. I also had Carolina's Delta Visa Card in my pocket, but she had wandered over to look at something else and wasn't with me when I paid. So I handed over my GM MasterCard. The woman used the card and with my items and Carolina's, the total came to $555.

The woman handed me back the slip without asking me to sign it. It looked to me as if she had forgotten. I concluded it was her mistake, and I was getting ready to leave without signing. I picked everything up and headed toward the next room to see Elvis.

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