Dream of: 04 March 1997 "Southern Sky"

I had been in South America for a while, and I was getting ready to leave, when I realized I hadn't looked enough at the night sky. I had looked some at the night sky -- I had seen some falling stars. I also recalled I had recently been looking at the stars in Chihuahua, Mexico with my friend Donna, and I had seen a very bright falling star. I had hollered at Donna to look at the falling star, but it had passed before she had looked. I still recalled how bright that particular falling star had been that night.

Now I realized I should have spent more time on my trip to South America looking at the sky. I wouldn't often have such an opportunity to look at the sky of the southern hemisphere.

At the moment, I was at a hospital, visiting a fellow who was lying in bed. We were talking about this subject and he told me about books which showed different portions of the sky of the southern hemisphere. He also said falling stars were more prevalent at certain times. Right now the falling stars weren't numerous, but the books would tell me when they would be.

As we talked, I developed a mental image of the night sky of the southern hemisphere. I envisioned a constellation of a cow or goat on a spit hanging over an open fire. The constellation seemed to cover the entire sky.

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